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10 Ways to Stay on Track While Travelling


Traveling is one of the most rewarding and memorable things we can do it gives us an escape from our day-to-day lives and provides us with an array of amazing opportunities. However, while for the experience and memories it may be great, the same cannot always be said for our gains. We don’t want to be passing up amazing travel opportunities to simply ‘stay in shape’, so how can we get the best of both worlds, maintain, and progress our physiques while enjoying the amazing things life has to offer?

With the holiday season fast approaching, much faster than I think any of us are prepared for, travel and time away become more and more common occurrences. This can often be the time when we fall off our health kick and hinder progression towards our goals. But with a few easy tips and tricks, we can help you stay on track and maintain all your hard work while enjoying that cherished time away.

1. Get around by foot:

Walking is a great way to get around, see what there is to see and rack up a fair amount of caloric expenditure in the process. This seemingly effortless increased calorie burn will help to keep you nice and lean, while maintaining health markers. Best part is these health benefits are achieved while experiencing new places. It’s the best way to kill two birds with one stone!

2. Prepare healthy snacks:

Go out prepared! When you leave the hotel, apartment or complex that you have decided to stay, be sure to have some simple healthy snacks to help tie you over and get you through the day, should you find yourself starving and in a pinch. It’s all too easy to just give into the fast food option when you’re starved, but if you have quality snacks on hand, managing these hunger cravings can be easily achieved.

3. Embrace the outdoors:

Get outside and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer, the fresh air, new environment and different scenery can have a massive effect on mental relaxation, reducing stress levels and keeping endorphins high. This will also promote some more walking, which as already mentioned, is a great way to burn off a few extra calories throughout the day.

4. Hire a bike:

While walking is a great way to get around and burn extra calories, sometimes destinations may be just a tad to far for walking to be a viable option. This is where a set of wheels can come in handy! Hiring a bike to get around to various places again will help to maintain cardiovascular health while eating away at those extra calories as you travel around and experience new places.

5. Be flexible with your training:

Finding a gym or some form of fitness complex near to you is a great idea. You don’t have to hit up a crazy intense session, nor do you need to spend hours under the iron, but being flexible with your workout routine and adjusting accordingly is a brilliant way to keep your muscle stimulated while traveling. Setting up a simple workout split and hitting up 2, 3 or even 4 session a week is more than enough to maintain muscle mass and keep you in a good place metabolically to enjoy some great food.

6. Maintain your supplementation:

Keeping up simple habits, such as your supplement regime is a good way to keep the body in a balanced, functioning state. Simple things such as your vitamins, minerals and essential fats can not only help maintain bodily health while traveling, but can also fill in any dietary deficiencies you may pick up while eating foreign, unfamiliar foods.

7. Have a rough plan for food:

Starting the day off with a well balanced, healthy and satisfying breakfast is a great way to fuel your daily activity and mitigate the hunger cravings from coming on later in the day. Alternatively, if your prefer to skip breakfast, extend your fast a little longer to allow for more calorie dense, indulgent foods you may possibly have later in the day when experiencing different cultures. Pre-thinking how the day may pan out in regards to food is a good way to prepare and set yourself up to make good food choices throughout your travels.

8. Take travel friendly equipment:

Taking easy to transport items such as resistance bands is a fantastic way to ensure you always have some form of resistance tool on hand for short and sharp exercise routines that can be done anywhere anytime, even when you don’t have access to gym. These tools can be used in your room, on the beach, by the pool on in a nearby park, meaning you have the ability to get in some form of a workout at any time, regardless of the location.

9. Set some routines:

Having little routines that help you stay on track is one way we can help set ourselves up for the day and ensure we get the quality sleep we require at night. Morning routines that incorporate drinking plenty of water and fitting in a little bit of exercise is a great way to start off each day. In addition, pre-bed routines that involve switching off electronics and allowing yourself to wind down at the end of the night can ensure you get a solid, restful sleep; something that is essential for maintaining health and mental clarity.

10. Enjoy the experience:

While our health and fitness goals are very important to us, there may still be times where you just can’t fit in that exercise, or can’t pick a healthy menu option without taking away from cultural experience. In these situations it is important to accept that in that moment, enjoyment and memories made are what will bring you happiness in the long term. Live in the moment, enjoy every second and take it in as what it is. The mental relief and pure enjoyment of the experience will do wonders for your mental state, which an essential part of maintaining good health, indirectly helping us to progress towards our health and fitness goals.

Author Glen George from our Melbourne stores! If you have a question ask us anytime!

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