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100% Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate


Dymatize Nutrition have become one of the most sought after protein brands in the industry. It’s no surprise that bodybuilders and athletes alike live and breathe the high quality products that this brand produces. Dymatize ISO100 is no exception to this.

What is it?

Dymatize ISO100 is a pure hydrolysed whey protein made from whey protein isolates. When a protein is hydrolysed, it is essentially pre-digested. This breaks up the proteins into a combination of amino acids and smaller proteins, in turn increasing the speed at which protein can be absorbed. As Dymatize ISO100 is made from the most pure hydrolysed whey protein on the market, you can guarantee you are getting what you pay for, if not more.

What’s in it?

When looking at the nutritional panel of many supplements, you’ll often find too much of what you don’t want – carbs, fats, sugar and other generally avoided additives. This is another area where Dymatize ISO100 is a huge step above the rest. No carbs, no fats, no sugar, no lactose and no gluten. Just protein. Hydrolysed protein, and of the highest quality, minimising digestion and absorption time. To top it all off, the product is 90% protein, meaning that in each 28g scoop, there is a massive 25g serve of hydrolysed protein.

How is it better?

In addition to the hydrolysed protein, quality whey and general purity, Dymatize ISO100 contains 6650mg of BCAAs and 2825mg leucine to ensure not only muscle building but muscle recovery. To ensure they maintain high quality and purity, ISO100 has been tested under 5 differing quality control tests in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified centre, so you can be sure that this product gives you what it claims.

How does it go down?

When you’re putting something as good for you as hydrolysed protein in your body, you can usually expect an unpleasant surprise on your tastebuds. For most hydrolysed proteins, this is the case, but again Dymatize ISO100 stands out. From classic flavours like chocolate and vanilla to the more contemporary birthday cake and pina colada, this product maintains an amazing taste with easily mixed protein.

When is it for?

Containing anabolic properties that also greatly benefit post workout recovery, this product is best taken after a workout.

Dymatize Iso100 is an essential product for everyone who wants to take their training to the next level.

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