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Why is AMP Citrate Being Banned?

So why is AMP Citrate Being Banned? An ingredient of many names is much loved… AMP Citrate 1,3 Dimethylbutylamine DMBA Pouchong Tea Extract 4-Amino-2-Methylpentane Citrate The hottest ingredient currently in the supplement market AMP Citrate has served as…

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Ultra Leaan Protein – The Industry’s Hottest Dairy Alternative

To put it simply, Cyborg Ultra Leaan Protein is a 100% legitimately zero fat, zero carb, zero lactose protein supplement dairy alternative. What’s more is you can forget heavy milky flavours, Ultra Leaan is flavoured with light fruity…

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BCAAs how do they work?

We’ve all seen it, people in the gym sipping away on some kind of coloured water while they workout. Well as many of you already know, there’s a very high likelihood that they are drinking BCAAs, but what…

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Ordinary People. Extraordinary Results!

Everybody loves the idea of a 12 week transformation but how much can you really expect to change your body in only 12 weeks? We could sit here and crunch numbers to try and determine the limits of…

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