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So what’s the deal with Tyrosine?

L-Tyrosine, we’ve all heard of it, seen it constantly pop up in our pre-workouts, fat burners and even caffeinated energy drinks, but what does it actually do? Why is this amino acid so prevalent in the products we…

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So what’s the deal with Adaptogenic Mushrooms?

With the ever-growing popularity of weight lifting and performance sports, there is a constant search for ways athletes can improve peak performance to maximise potential for an upcoming event. We have all heard of amino acids, caffeine, BCAA’s,…

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The Truth About Caffeine

In the sports supplement industry companies are constantly innovating new ways to increase our performance, enhance our repair and better our results. We have become interested in things like adaptogenic mushrooms, chromium picholate and DMBA. And this is…

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What Rep Range Should I Be In?

This question has been the source of much confusion to say the least. Why is it such a hard question to answer? As a generalisation, from what I can see every single person wants the same thing, more…

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The EASIEST protein cake recipe!

Delicious Protein Cake Recipe! Our sponsored athlete Jarrod Simmons has created yet another protein masterpiece that he has exclusively shared with Muscle Coach Supplements! Get around it guys it’s so delicious 😉 Ingredients: 1 scoop Giant Sports Protein…

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