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So what’s the deal with Magnesium?

If you’ve ever hit up a serious leg session, smashed out a solid spin class or taken a HIIT session to the max, then I’m sure you’d be aware debilitating muscle cramps and pain that can follow. This…

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Are Your Hormones Affecting Your Weight Loss?

Hormones play a huge role in the body and ultimately define how well the processes in our bodies work. Hormones are chemical signals in the body that are produced within the endocrine system; they control the vast majority…

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Top 3 Supplements to Kick Start your New Year’s Resolution!

So the New Year has rolled around, 2016 is now behind us and 2017 is already in full swing. This is the time of year when so many new goals are set, so many resolutions made many of…

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The Best Exercise Spots Around Brisbane

We’re all about getting motivated to stay fit and healthy in the New Year. Enjoying exercise is the number one way to commit to it. So we’ve rounded up our pick of the best outdoor exercise spots in…

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