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So What’s the Deal with Essential Amino Acids?

Essential amino acids (EAAs) as the name suggests are essential for health and function. Being essential means that the body cannot synthesise them (make them), and as a result, they need to be ingested through dietary means to…

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Muscle Protein Synthesis – What actually is it?

Muscle protein synthesis is a term that has become more and more common among everyday lifters. It’s a term that is widely used but often misunderstood. We commonly hear it used in a phrase to trigger and spike…

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RULE1 R1 Protein Review

It has finally landed, Rule1’s highly anticipated R1-Protein, one of the most popular protein supplements to hit the market. The name and reputation of Rule1 is growing rapidly and with good reason!  R1-Protien is an extremely high-quality, rapid digesting protein…

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What are good carbs?

The recent dieting trends have seen carbohydrates aggressively vilified as the macronutrient responsible for poor health states in modern society. There have been strong correlations that link chronic disease such as obesity and Type 2 Diabetes with excessive…

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