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5 Great Foods for Fat Loss

Overview of Metabolism

Fat loss is most closely linked to your calorie intake and your metabolic rate. The essense of metabolism is the process by which your body absorbs energy to sustain itself. This process of absorbing energy actually takes energy itself, so basically it takes energy to absorb energy. All foods that you eat will cause your metabolism to speed up but certain foods will have a greater impact on increasing your metabolism than other foods. Therefore if you choose foods for your diet that consist primarily of foods that take larger amounts of energy to absorb then you will find it easier to lose body fat.


Fibrous Green Vegetables

This includes foods like spinach, broccoli, celery, kale, green beans, cucumber and the list goes on. These are the true superfoods of any diet because they are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which improve all over bodily health. Their key for being so great as a fat loss food is the fact that they’re high in fibre and low and calories. Because of the high levels of fibre it means that it takes quite a significant amount of energy for your body to breakdown but the foods themselves actually contain only a very small amount of calories. This is why vegetables are sometimes referred to as negative calories. Basically it takes more energy to digest fibrous green vegetables than the caloric energy that they provide once digested. Furthermore fibrous green vegetables are very low GI and provide a sustained release of energy.

Tips: If you want the metabolic benefits from fibrous green vegetables then don’t juice or blend them. Juicing takes out almost all the fibre and blending does all the hard work for you meaning you won’t use anywhere near as much energy in the digestion process.


Lean Meats

This includes foods like chicken, tuna, kangaroo and turkey. Unless of course you are doing a Keto diet, lean meats will typically make up the basis of most of your meals after breakfast and there is a good reason for it. Meat protein has a very thermogenic effect which means it causes your body temperature to raise and therefore speeds your metabolic rate. It takes approximately 30% of the energy in lean meats to digest the protein. Furthermore lean meats consist of almost no fats or carbs and only protein. Your body has a very low propensity towards storing protein as fat which means a diet with lots of lean meat is very unlikely to negatively affect the fat loss process.

Tips: Aim to consume around 2-3g of protein per kg of body weight every day. The majority of this should come from lean meats but if this is too difficult then try substituting lean meat for lean Protein Powder.


Healthy Fats

This includes foods like coconut oil, MCT oil, almonds, cashews, avocados and more. Mainstream dieting advice has taught people to avoid fats at all costs yet rarely is there any distinguishment made between different types of fats. Some popular calorie counting web bases of information even rate foods like almonds and avocados as being poor nutritionally because of their relatively high fat content – absolute rookies. Healthy fats are great slow digesting sources of energy that last even longer than low GI carbs. Furthermore healthy fats are not simply a nutritionally void energy source like most processed low GI carbs, they reduce bad cholesterol, improve immune function, optimise hormone levels and that’s not to mention they have a lower propensity towards being stored as fat than processed low GI carbohydrate sources. However beware of the fats found in fast foods, snacks and basically any processed food because they are deserving of all the negative mainstream dieting advice on fats.

Tips: Try cooking with Coconut Oil or MCT Oil instead of artificial vegetables oils or olive oil (olive oil cannot withstand high temperatures). Alternatively you can supplement Fish Oil or CLA capsules with your meals.



This includes not just chilli peppers themselves but also capsicum and chilli powder. Whilst chilli peppers have a burning sensation on your taste buds they also have a very strong thermogenic effect on your metabolism. Most Fat Burning Supplements on the market work by creating a thermogenic effect on your metabolism which causes an increase in fat burning. Some of the compounds found in fat burning supplements that create this thermogenic affect are concentrated chilli pepper extracts. As well as a potent thermogenic effect chillies are also an antioxidant and help to control hunger. Furthermore capsicums also have the same properties of the fibrous green vegetables in that they are high fibre, slow burning and low in calories making them a great additive to any fat loss diet.

Tips: If you don’t like hot foods than just add capsicums to your salad, they will have a minimal burning sensation on taste but still provide a thermogenic affect.


Green Tea

We have all heard of the diets that recommend drinking green tea all day long but do you really understand exactly what is so great about green tea when it comes to fat burning? Green tea works in a similar way to chillies in that it creates a thermogenic effect on the body. Studies have found that drinking 3-5 cups of green tea during the day can increase your metabolic rate by 4-10%.  Furthermore green tea has been proven to inhibit fat absorption by preventing the movement of glucose into fat cells and reducing insulin spikes when eating. Green tea is also great at helping you manage your appetite.

Tips: Not a fan of green tea or don’t want to be going to the toilet all day long? Try supplementing with Green Tea extract because 1 capsule can be as potent as 4 cups of green tea.


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