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7 Great Foods for Bulking

An Overview of Bulking

Bulking for 99% of people isn’t just about stuffing yourself with as many calories as you can from any food that you find. Bulking is about bringing your body to a calorie surplus with quality foods that enhance your body’s ability to build muscle whilst not causing excessive body fat percentage increases like fast foods. Bulking is all about building as much muscle as possible before your body reaches a certain body fat percentage and you decide to cut. If your bulking diet consists mainly of fatty junk foods then you will find yourself up around 20% body fat having built a lot of muscle, but much less than what you should have for that body fat percentage.


Grass-fed Beef Steak

This is one of the highest rated foods of any diet plan with any fitness goal. A quality cut of beef steak is high in protein, healthy fats and is high in some of the key vitamins and minerals required for muscle building. If you only eat quality beef steak once a day then make sure it is your post-workout meal. Don’t be the guy that leaves all the nutritious fats from the steak on the side of the plate. The fats on beef steak are the healthy kind so eat up.



One of the simplest, easiest and most cost-effective ways to boost your testosterone levels is to eat about 6 whole eggs per day. Leave the yolk tossing to the light weights and those stuck in 1980’s thinking eggs will raise bad cholesterol levels as this has since been proven otherwise. The yolks contain half of the protein and all of the healthy fats. It’s the healthy fats component of the eggs that raise your testosterone levels as well as providing a range of other health benefits, not the egg whites. Try a 6 egg omelette for breakfast or add a few raw eggs into your protein shake.


Organic Butter and Ghee

Dairy is generally not considered to be healthy food source for any diet but educated nutritional advisors will usually make an allowance for butter and ghee. However that being said, butter is not to be confused with margarine which is basically a toxic artificial trans-fat. Unfortunately good quality organic butter and ghee are lumped into the same basket. However organic butter and ghee have an amazingly high concentration of essential vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and healthy dietary fat for optimal bodily health. Throw out your fake margarine butter and try cooking your food with ghee or adding butter as a tasty side to any meal.



It’s always ideal to get your nutrition from whole foods but when your bulking and aiming for 300+ carbs every day you probably aren’t going to eat a few kgs of potatoes. Therefore finding healthy calorie dense carbohydrate sources is essential. Oats are high in fibre and provide the body with a great sustained energy source. For most bodybuilders oats are a staple breakfast ingredient. Try mixing oats, protein powder and milk together for a healthy bulking breakfast.


Brown Rice

Brown rice is another ingredient that you will see in almost every single bulking diet. Brown rice is cheap, easy, healthy and a great calorie dense food to increase your carbohydrate intake. You can also use certain types of long grain white rice instead of brown rice like basmati rice. Basmati rice is similar to brown rice in that it has a very low GI and provides a great sustained energy. Other types of rice can actually be very high GI and are therefore not ideal to be eating with every meal. Rice is much preferable to carbohydrate sources like bread. Bread contains a lot of preservatives and eating large amounts will usually cause bloating. Buy a rice cooker to ensure your meal preparation time is simple and easy.



There are few single whole foods that taste as great as an avocado. Avocados are a superfoods packed with B-Vitamins which are an essential co-factor in the muscle building process. Avocados are protected by a thick layer of skin which makes them immune from the compromise of many common herbicides and pesticides. All avocados are essentially of organic quality and are one of the safest foods to eat. When avocaods are in season you should be loading up, try adding a whole avocado to any cooked meal.



When you are bulking you are always looking for calorie dense whole foods. However most vegetables are exactly the opposite and provide fibre but little contribution towards you calorie intake. Nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts and hazelnuts are all high in protein and healthy fats. They have high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids as well as many other essential vitamins and minerals for muscle growth. Whenever you don’t have time to get one of your 5 or 6 meals down try simply having a protein shake with a handful of nuts.


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