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A Power Lifters Training Program

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At Muscle Coach we recognise that one size does not fit all. Therefore we have formulated multiple variations of each training program depending on your training requirements.

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Power Lifting Overview

It’s no secret that one of the most foundational components of any good physique is strength. If anybody knows strength then it’s power lifters. Power lifting is a great way to increase muscle density, thickness and provides a good platform for further muscle growth. There is typically quite a bit of cross over between power lifting and bodybuilding, however a proper powerlifting approach to strength is a little different from what you will typically find people doing in the gym. The powerlifting program in this article is designed to improve the three main exercises being bench press, squat and deadlift. There are three programs in this article with varying difficulty levels ranging from entry gym level to advanced structured competition preparation.


Power Lifting Tips
  • Incorporate Assistance Work Where Required
  • Use Bands and Chains Sparingly
  • Minimise Gear Usage
  • Get a Program and Stick to it
Incorporate Assistance Work Where Required

Assistance work means all exercises that deviate from the core exercise of your power lifting program. Assistance work cannot really be defined in a specified program because people have different weaknesses and areas where they need more improvement. You have heard it said that exercises like bench press work your whole body but the fact is that it is never going to do the same things as other more specific exercises. Most people benefit greatly from some dedicated ab work or increasing exercises targeting the upper back to improve bench press. If you have an area in particular that needs work like your deadlift lockout then try incorporating more rack pulls into your training. However it is important to always keep the main thing the main thing.


Use Bands and Chains Sparingly

This follows on from the last point of keeping the main thing the main thing. If you have been training in the gym for more than a few months you have no doubt seen “the power lifter guys” using bands and chains in their training but otherwise no one else hardly uses them at all. Don’t fall into the temptation of making them a key component of your training. Bands and chains are useful to train areas like a bench press lockout but because the strength curve of a raw power lifter is usually weak at the bottom and strong at the top it doesn’t make sense to use bands or chains as a main part of your workout. Treat the usage of bands and chains the same way you treat your assistance work, only use them outside your core exercises to train specific weak points.


Minimise Gear Usage

Gear might help you look that part but it doesn’t make sense to over use gear like straps and belts even if you are allowed to in your lifting federation. If you can become strong without gear then you will be even stronger when you do use it. As a general rule of thumb try not to use any gear in your lifts until you are around 85-90% of your max weight. Keep in mind that even if gear is restricted in your weight lifting federation you can still benefit from using gear to push yourself further with those heavy lifts.


Get a Program and Stick to it

Having a program is going to make you much more efficient with your time in the gym. Programs will help you systematically work towards your goals with methods that have been proven. While advanced lifters may have a much better understanding of how their body will respond and alter their training programs as they go on the day, most people will get the best results with structure.

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