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Are Optimum’s BCAAs Legit?


Gold-Standard is pretty much a household name to anyone who buys supplements and tries to get the best out of themselves before, during, and after a workout. That name belongs to the great Optimum Nutrition, and their latest product is a BCAA Intra-workout, full of, you guessed it, BCAA’s!!

Packaged sharp as ever, this taller cylinder contains 28 serves, and offers a choice of 4 delicious and classic ON flavours. Let’s get started by addressing the optimal 5 grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids ratio that the gold standard contains is 2:1:1. This will encourage and optimise protein synthesis throughout your workout, fuelling your muscles constantly (provided you’re drinking it throughout).

Amongst that perfect combination, there are other added qualities that qualify it in the ‘Gold Standard’ range. Were looking at around 220mg of electrolytes in this bad boy, giving you the hydration satisfaction your body needs in a tough workout when sweat is dripping off every part of your body.

There’s also a new patented ingredient Wellmune which has been designed to protect and help your innate immune system, readying your body’s cells for action (your workout) and enhancing your body’s defence system. Paired with this is another 200 mg of Rhodiola Rosea an ingredient which is added to help achieve physical and cognitive vitality, essential focus needed for having a perfect workout and reducing fatigue in such situations.

So, what’s the wait? There’s a new gold standard product here, and it’s going to be dominating the intra-workout supplement game shortly. Bursting in with 4 fresh flavours, a sweet formula, with added extras which only make it more desirable, Gold Standard BCAA is here to make a name for itself, and stay for the long run.


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