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BSN Endorush Breakdown


After years of popularity and success, BSN have come to the table with another highly anticipated pre-workout. Holding true to their brand, the quality has not diminished with this one.

Endorush is a really interesting pre-workout supplement that features a range of new ingredients that we have not seen a lot of in the past. While the formula seems to be slightly lacking in terms of ingredients for muscle power and endurance, the newly found ingredients could be something special that fill those gaps, making it a solid product all round with it’s own unique twist.

Endorush is what you’d call a ‘middle of the range’ type pre-workout in regards to stimulatory strength. It contains 300mg of total caffeine, 150mg of Anhydrous and 150mg derived from green tea and coffee bean, helping to provide a clean energy without the jitters.

As mentioned, it’s a simple blend that doesn’t have much in the way of efficacious doses. However, a big positive is the effect of the nitrates from the Creatine Nitrate, which seem to provide a good, strong muscle pump, despite the lack of Arginine and Citrulline provided by the Velox. Stacking Endorush with a full dose of Citrulline, Glycerol, Hydromax or a clinically dosed non-stim pump product would be a cherry on top. Do this and you’ll be laughing!

One minor down side is that it’s also fairly low dosed in overall Creatine and Beta-Alanine content. These ingredient are usually included to improve muscle endurance and to fight fatigue, meaning muscle power and endurance wont be the biggest focus in regards to effect felt from Endorush. But don’t freak out just yet, because what Endorush does that a lot of other pre’s don’t do is worth the trade off. If clean focused energy is the reason you’re using a pre-workout, Endorush is the product for you.

The Longan fruit extract (Euphoria) is one of the biggest points of interest. It’s a molecule that has a very similar chemical structure to the Racetam molecules, which are Nootropics products that help to increase mental focus and brain function. Euphoria is very similar in particular with Piracetam and was shown to work just as effectively at increasing the production of growth factor BDNF, which allows the brain to grow and form new neural connections, improving memory, sense of well being, clarity and focus. Euphoria extract is a safer version of a Racetam that yields very similar effects, so this is a great inclusion! You can guarantee that the euphoric sense of well-being and overall focus is absolute when using Endorush.

If muscle power and pumps is secondary to you in terms of effects felt from a pre-workout, and energy, focus and mood elevation is the main driver for using a pre-workout, then Endorush is the perfect product for you! This is a pre that will not disappoint.

It’s a pre-workout that’s not too strong to the point of giving you jitters or anxiety but its definitely strong enough to provide you with a strong, clean energy while delivering brilliant mental elevation and sense of well being when taking it. BSN have created a great product for people who don’t want a crazy hard hitting amounts caffeine but want that full metal clarity and focus from their pre-workout.

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