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Enjoying Treats & Avoiding Weight Gain


It’s that time of year already, the Easter holiday is upon us and boy does it bring its fair share of goodies and tasty treats, many of which can potentially set you back on your fitness goals. From the delicious aroma of freshly baked hot cross buns, to the colourful and novel sighting of endless chocolaty combinations, the temptation and desire to dive in and indulge is almost unbearable for most. So how can we minimise set backs and weight gain through the holidays while still enjoying some delicious treats with our loved ones? With one simply planned trick, you can enjoy yourself a little bit of anything that catches your eye, all while sticking to your fitness plan. Whatttt? You say? That’s right we’ve got a sneaky trick up our sleeves to help you out this Easter.

Often people become so caught up in their ‘diets’ and strict eating plans that they tend to limit and restrict the types of foods they allow themselves to consume. Fear of straying from a rigid plan is often associated with weight gain and regression of progress, however it isn’t quite that dry cut. As many of us are aware, losing weight is as simple as placing yourself in a small calorie deficit, meaning you need to expend more calories that you consume on a daily basis. Now for the diet hack, by following the simple rule of a calorie deficit, we can allow ourselves a set number of calories per day to enjoy whatever it is that we desire, provided we meet the other goals within the plan.

So how do we do this? Lets start with a common ‘treat’ that so many people tend to crave, especially over the Easter period. Case and point = chocolate. But most importantly those mini chocolate eggs damn they’re good. The average chocolate bar or single serving size for chocolate is generally less than 200 calories, which isn’t a great deal in the scheme of things. So lets begin by taking that number, 200 calories. Each day we can allocate 200 calories of our total calorie intake to any one treat that you feel like enjoying on that given day. The only rule to this is that you continue to hit your other macronutrient and/or calorie goals across the course of the day, allowing you to remain accountable. Provided this is done, you have 200 calories to go nuts with, without the fear of gaining weight or slowing results.

To set up where these 200 calories come from we must first allocate our macronutrient goals according to our body weight and body type.

For example, a female on a 1600-calorie diet would have their daily protein, fat and carbohydrate goals make up 1400 calories of their overall total calorie intake, leaving 200 calories to play with. Below is a rough idea of what this would look like:

–          Protein (4 calories per 1 gram)- 30% 480 calories, 120 grams

–          Fats (9 calories per 1 gram)- 20% 320 calories, 35 grams

–          Carbohydrates (4 calories per 1 gram)- 37% 600 calories, 150 grams

–          TREAT (allocated 200 calories)- 13% anything you like!

Provided we can roughly hit each of these macronutrient/calorie goals on a daily basis, we no find ourselves with 200 calories that we can really get creative with. This not only serves as a mental break from ‘diet food’ and restriction but also allows you to enjoy yourself a few delicious Easter treats each and every day over the long weekend. Once you have the basics down it becomes extremely easy to hit your numbers and enjoy your well-deserved treat each day. The key is to enjoy the process, have a little fun with it and don’t be too restrictive. The holidays are a time to enjoy the amazing things life has to offer, so don’t let something as simple as a calorie stand in the way of that. By simply being mindful of our calories each day, we can stay on track and live a little all at the same time, making for a more enjoyable, safe and happy holiday period!

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Author Glen George from our Blackburn store!

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