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Extreme Mass Gets Extreme Winter Gains!


Do you have the desire to gain weight fast? Like right now? Bulk up hard so you can shred it all off in a month’s time? We’ve got the perfect idea for you! McDonald’s only diet for the next four weeks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Simple. Mass Gains. Don’t even worry about going to the gym, she’ll be right!

We DO have an alternative for you if that isn’t really your style (stop lying to yourself, that would be gracious). Buuuuuuut if you insist, here’s the other thing. International Protein’s EXTREME MASS GAINER. This is a beautiful product if you want to bulk hard, but in a clean way, getting those literally huge results you desire.

Inside this product there is a complex nutrition formula with over 5 proteins, precise selection of carbohydrates and a unique blend of canola and sunflower oils. Combined, these ingredients can get the body to a high anabolic state, which is ideal for large mass gains (high amount of calories). What makes IP’s extreme mass gainer a step above the others? Well basically, they utilise natural ingredients to their advantage, rather than just stacking carbs on carbs and labelling the product as a mass gainer.

This also provides a higher concentration of energy than protein and carbs to make it easier to consume the calories required for optimum lean weight gain. All of the oils in the product are also used in high intensity situations to provide the energy needed. There is saturated fats in these oils, but not the kind that can cause heart disease, so don’t worry!

Extreme Mass also boasts an awesome amino acid profile, providing all the necessary proteins for serious muscle growth. As a result of this Extreme Mass also delivers a constant supply of essential amino acids into the bloodstream for hours, ensuring a high positive nitrogen balance is maintained for maximum muscle growth. This is basically the same as a WPI profile, so why would you cheap out with a WPC gainer that isn’t as strong?

Of course, a certain amount of carbohydrates also have to compliment this combination of proteins and oils, such as glucose polymers and easily digested rice starch. These multi-phase release carbohydrates provide both immediate and long term energy to help satisfy fast metabolisms and fuel high intensity training.

That sounds a bit yummier than a super-sized big mac meal after every gym session doesn’t it? A little bit healthier perhaps? Maybe A LOT healthier actually… so, what are you waiting for? Come and try it for yourself today and see the significant change International Protein’s Extreme Mass can do for you when you’re trying to bulk up big and fast.


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