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Fat Burners Simplified


Fat burners are one of the most attractive and sought after supplements in the industry. Many people think that a ‘fat burner’ will do exactly that, burn fat… the common misconception is that no work needs to be done to get the fat loss results you’re chasing. Unfortunately, this is not quite the case…. These products can undoubtedly improve your body’s ability to burn fat and remove that hand break stalling your fat loss, but they ultimately work only if you do. Fat Burners are one of those products that can easily be manipulated and miss-sold with false promise, however, there are some really great ones around, and if you know what to look for, and how to use them, then you can bet that fat loss goals will be accelerated and made far more efficient.

Being unhealthy and inflamed limits fat loss. First, we need to heal ourselves. The biggest hand break people have when it comes to weight loss is inflammation, particularly in the gut. We need to target the issues that stem from this area, reduce overall inflammation, create good insulin sensitivity and then provide our body with little hacks to help accelerate the process of fat loss. Then your body will become a fat burning machine, prioritising fat for fuel and doing so extremely efficiently.

So what should you lookout for with a fat loss supplement? While no legal product out there will directly “melt body fat off you”, there are a few KEY ingredients which you can take to enhance your body’s function and thereby indirectly stimulate fat loss and improve muscle gain.

If we want to ‘burn fat’ then we must provide the body with the tools it requires to actually utilise fat as a fuel source. This is where L-Carnatine and other found forms of Carnatine are extremely useful. L-Carnatine is a naturally formed Amino Acid created to transport fat from the body, into the Mitochondria (a cell’s energy production site) to be broken down and burned for energy. Without Carnatine in the body, the enzyme it creates (Carnatine palmitoyltransferase) cannot carry out its action, meaning fat transport and utilisation in the body is inhibited. Another benefit we can get from Carnatine is its ability to help expedite the removal of oxidative waste, which is created after the energy metabolism of fats, making it a great anti-inflammatory compound. 95% of our Carnatine stores are found in the muscles, and we NEED Carnatine to move fat, more Carnatine in the muscle means more fat utilised for fuel.

While Carnatine is great to move fat around the body, we like to incorporate a tool that can help up regulate the body’s need to utilise fat for fuel, speeding up our metabolic rate. Caffeine is one of the most effective and proven compounds for this. When we exercise, implementing caffeine prior to the workout is a great way to boost our metabolic rate and stimulate the body’s preference to utilise fat as a primary energy source. Caffeine will not only boost the body’s energy expenditure directly, but also indirectly through increases in strength, aerobic and anaerobic capacity, combined with reduced perceived excursion and better mental equity. These benefits, all combined, add up to create more effective and enjoyable workouts, increasing expenditure and workout effectiveness over time. Just be aware, that while Caffeine is great, be cautious that more is not always best, and it should be used as a tool when required; not multiple times every single day, as this will diminish its positive effects on fat loss and mental focus.

We now have Carnatine to move fat and caffeine to up regulate the use of fat, the only aspect left to address is to ensure our body is actually capable and willing to use these fat burning tools the way we require it too. To do that, we have to have the reduce inflammation, be in a healthy functioning state and activate AMPK (Adenosine Mono-phosphate Kinase), our body’s metabolic lever for fat burning and carbohydrate usage.

Berberine is an amazing ingredient for this, it has ability to improve glucose tolerance, increase insulin sensitivity and optimise our hormonal response to food. Berberine is also brilliant for altering the gut microbiome to optimise nutrient absorption. Not only is it an effective AMPK activator that will up regulate glut-4 receptors (skeletal muscle glucose uptake is enhanced) and insulin sensitivity at the muscle site, but it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement that can improve intestinal health and nutrient absorption. The healthier our guts, and less inflammation we have in the body, combined with more efficiency in glycogen replenishment, creates the perfect bodily environment for efficient function and fat loss.

While energy balance, calories in VS calories out, is the main component of weight fluctuation, body composition is not 100% reliant on this principle. If we can make the body more efficient, less inflamed and hack the system to optimise the way our body works and responds to things; then the difficult task of building, shaping and altering your body composition can become so much easier, more enjoyable and

Author Glen George from our Blackburn store in Melbourne.

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