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Female Teen Fat Loss Training Program

Muscle Coach Training Programs

At Muscle Coach we recognise that one size does not fit all. Therefore we have formulated multiple variations of each training program depending on your training frequency. Typically people will get better results with higher training frequency especially if they are past the beginner training phase. However you can still get good results even if you are restricted to just three training sessions each week as long as you diet and supplement properly.

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Introduction to Fat Loss

When you ‘re in school, or just finished, there are few things more important than being confident with your physique. However now more than ever people are bombarded with misguided diet and training information from mainstream media and doing your own research can leave you even more confused because everybody seems to have their own theory. The aim of this article is to help you understand what really goes into achieving the physique that you want. When it comes to understanding what it takes, most of the confusion lies around whether to lift heavy weights or not to lift heavy weights, that is the question.

The Positives of Lifting Heavy Weights
  • Burn calories during exercise
  • Increase metabolism for up 72 hours after exercise
  • Increasing muscle mass results in a permanent increase in metabolism
  • Improve muscle tone and definition


The Negatives of Lifting Heavy Weights
  • The scales don’t drop as quickly, sometimes even increase
  • Increase the chance of injury
  • Adding muscle mass when you have high body fat will not improve your physique (though it will in the long term)


What Does it Mean?

Assuming that you are doing some kind of exercise, the below helps you to understand the results that you can expect from different types of exercise over 3-6 months from different starting physiques.

Skinny + No Weights Exercise = Skinny
Skinny + Weights Exercise = Ideal Physique

Average Body Fat + No Weights Exercise = Moving Towards Skinny
Average Body Fat + Weights Exercise = Moving Towards an Ideal Physique

High Body Fat + No Weights Exercise = Moving Towards Average Body Fat
High Body Fat + Weights Exercise = The “Bulky Female” Look

Ideal Physique (Image Below) – Training Based Almost Solely on Heavy Weights


Skinny (Image Below) – Training Includes No Weights


Basically as you can see, unless you have high body fat, utilising weights training as much as possible is what it takes to reach what is generally considered to be an ideal physique. Also just to be clear, when you have a low body fat, it is 99.9% impossible to build too much muscle. As is exemplified in the above picture of the ideal physique, that is the result of pushing yourself to lift as heavy weights as possible over long term. While heavy weight lifting is always the most effective method of body transformation over the long term, it is certainly understandable that people starting out their training with higher levels of body fat may prefer to leave weights out of their training program.

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