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Finaflex Ignite Review



Ignite is a new pre-workout that aims to deliver a reliable energy rush for training, as well as a solid muscle pump and strength boost.  There is also a test boosting aspect to the Ignite that makes it a unique combination of ingredients.  Ignite is available in a 30 serving tub in Berry Blast or Watermelon.

Effectiveness 4/5
Taste 4/5
Mixability/Texture 4/5
  • Boost Mental Focus
  • Increase Motivation and Training Intensity
  • No Energy Peak and Trough Effect
  • Greatly Improved Muscle Pumps
  • Heavy Stimulant
  • May Cause Sleeplessness
Taste and Mixability

For a pre-workout in particular, Ignite tastes great and is pleasant to drink.  It is quite sweet, but still has enough flavour to be easy to drink and enjoyable.  The formula mixes up no problems in even a reasonably small amount of water which makes it quick and convenient.

Most Popular Flavour: Berry


Ignite uses a number of different ingredients for energy boosting and muscle performance.  Phenylethylamine (PEA) gives the mental focus and energy boost that is so important in a pre workout, while branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) give aid to recovery and muscle growth. The muscle pump comes from aminos such as Beta Alanine, a quality Arginine blend as well as Agmatine and GPLC.  As well as this a good dose of creatine aids in strength and muscle gains, while the addition of D-aspartic acid (a natural test boosting amino) gives the formula another aspect as a natural testosterone booster when used daily.

Final Thoughts

Ignite is a great pre workout for those looking for a big time energy boost and improvement in mental focus.  It also helps significantly with muscle pump and performance, making it a good all round option where some of the other high stimulant pre workouts may fall down. The formula is full of useful ingredients that all play their part, and mixes easily while tasting great.  Overall an enjoyable experience in using Ignite as a pre workout.

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