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From the makers of Mesomorph…


Pre workouts are kinda like your favourite movie snack. If you don’t have it before you enter the cinema, you already know you’re not gonna have the best time. So, if you don’t have the best pre workout before the gym, you’re simply not gonna enjoy it. That’s why a solid pre workout that gives you energy, focus, and determination for success is essential if you’re going to have a big session.

APS Morph 3, the third one in its series (let’s hope this one doesn’t get banned!) is a great pre, with a big scoop, giving you even bigger potential to smash the weights and stay alive throughout the entire session. You see, Morph 3 has a fair few ingredients that aren’t for the light-hearted, making it a very strong stimulant.

The previous two Morphs were also known to give awesome pumps and continual energy, and 3 is no different. DMAA (the bannable ingredient) has a potential new step-brother in Morph 3, and that is the Eria Jarensis Extract. They’re not really related, and don’t want to be known as such, but that hasn’t stopped everyone else classifying them as being related. Eria is known to deliver these energising properties which are quintessential to a solid pre workout.

The following ingredients can be found in APS Morph 3:

  • Synthenox-Carnosine/Nitric Oxide Complex – Beta alanine, l-citrulline, arginine and 2-oxo-pentanedioic acid.

  • Mesoswell-Cell Volumising ATP Matrix – Creatine malate, l-taurine, creatine nitrate, ascorbic acid, creatinol-o-phosphate and agmatine sulphate.

  • Neuromorph-Neuro Energised Stimulant Matrix – Glucuronolactone, caffeine anhydrous, grapefruit extract, Eria Jarensis extract, Erythropalum Scandens extract and citrus aurantium extract.

  • Theobroma cocoa extract

There are also 5 delicious flavours to help you down this awesome pre workout. We have the classic; watermelon, tropical punch, strawberry kiwi, tropical punch, and there lies an untouched flavour in the corner of the room, what might that be? Rocket Popsicle! Possibly the most delicious of them all, here at Muscle Coach Supplements we went and made actual popsicles out of the pre workout (watch our review)!!

Overall, the third installment of Morph could be the yummiest, strongest, and most effective to date. We highly recommend this pre workout if you like a serious buzz before you hit the gym, and have the desire for intense focus and energy.

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