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Getting Back Into Training After a Break


It’s a busy time of year. Christmas, holidays, parties and travel can take their toll on usual training routines. Maybe one cheat meal became an entire cheat week. There’s no shame in this. Life is about balance so it’s okay to take time off and enjoy the moment. But at some point you’re faced with the task of picking up where you left off and resuming your routine. This can be quite the struggle, so we’ve put together a few tips for getting back into training just in time for the New Year.

Firstly it’s important to ease into things. If you’ve taken a break from your normal routine – whether that was for a few days, a week or a month – don’t expect to be where you were before. Start things slow, and build from there. It’s normal to feel run down and exhausted after Christmas, so find enjoyable ways to work exercise back into your life. Summer is perfect for outdoor exercise options, such as hiking, walking, sports or swimming. These activities can provide the motivation to reincorporate exercise into your life.

From here, make a plan. Getting back into your normal routine takes exactly that – a routine. Make some training and exercise plans and stick to them. It can be helpful to have a workout buddy for this so that you can hold each other accountable. Be consistent and set realistic goals.

It’s also essential to return to healthy eating habits. Chances are that they slipped over Christmas. A healthy diet will ease the process of getting back into exercise so it’s essential to work on this as well as your training. Meal prep is a great way to do this because it provides structure and discipline. It helps you maintain a healthy and controlled diet. By pre-preparing your meals each week, you know what’s in your food and how many calories you’re eating. Meal prep enables you to simplify and refine your eating after the Christmas period. It also provides the structure that’s necessary to rebuild a routine.

Lastly, maintaining supplementation is another key tactic in this process. It ensures that you’re receiving everything your body needs to recover and refuel. Especially if your diet slipped over Christmas, supplements can correct any dietary deficiencies to ensure you’re at your best for training.

These few tips can help you get back into training, ready for the New Year. It can be quite the challenge and it’s easy to delay. But the sooner you start, the easier it is to regain a normal healthy routine.


Author Katy Roubin Muscle Coach Marketing Intern.

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