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Growth Factor Juiced Review



Juiced is a Pre-Workout formula by Growth Factor, aiming to assist in energy as well as muscular strength and fatigue while training. It is available in a 500g size, in the Berry flavour, giving around 25-30 servings.

Effectiveness 4.5/5
Taste 3/5
Mixability/Texture 4/5
  • Increases Muscle Pumps
  • Increase Strength
  • Greatly Increase Pumps
  • Flexible Dosage Options (1-3 Scoops)
  • Not Excessively Stimulant Based
  • Moderate Stimulant (Does not have the kick of other stronger pre-workouts)
Taste and Mixability

The taste of Juiced is not for everybody. It is a unique berry flavour, that is not as sweet as many pre-workouts or supplements in general, but is reasonably easy to drink and becomes quite nice once you become accustomed to it. There are no mixability issues, with the powder dissolving no problems at all.


Juiced uses a number of proven active ingredients in its pre-workout formula, such as creatine monohydrate, beta alanine and arginine alpha ketoglutarate in generous doses. These aid in muscle pumps and strength improvements in particular, leading to an increase in performance. As well as this Juiced uses Caffeine and L-Tyrosine for energy and focus, giving a good balance to the strength and pumps increase from the included aminos.

Final Thoughts

Juiced is a terrific first timer pre-workout, or well balanced pre-workout for those not looking for a huge stimulant hit. It has a great blend of the two main components (energy and muscle performance) which makes the product suitable to anyone looking for a training boost.

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