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How Do Fat Burning Creams Work?


You might be a bit sceptical of claims that a topical cream can magically burn fat on your body. Transdermal creams are absorbed through the skin to spot target certain areas of fat. Whilst they may not do all the work for you, with the right ingredients and application they can really help improve your results.

Transdermal creams can help target subcutaneous fat which is the fat directly underneath your skin. They help liberate stubborn body fat so that it can released into the bloodstream and be used for energy. Therefore, when used alongside routine exercise and a healthy diet, these creams help your body burn off these fat stores.

Transdermal creams also work by increasing blood flow to specific areas of stubborn body fat. This is called vasodilation and it encourages the mobilization of fatty acids that have been activated by lipolysis.

Through this process, transdermal creams can also improve the appearance of the skin, which is why they’re often used by bodybuilders and physique and fitness models for pre-competition sculpting. They’re often formulated to tighten and smooth areas of the body, which helps tones and firms the skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The combination of these cosmetic effects and lipolysis activating function of transdermal creams ensure that they can help with your fat burning.

We stock a few different transdermal creams, including Subcut and Block E3 from Atp Science, and the recently released Shiva from Slimtum.

This week we’ve reviewed Shiva, and here is a product review from Glen from our Melbourne Stores:

Shiva is a unique body firming and fat reducing gel. Shiva uses fully soluble ingredients that penetrate directly through the skin with amazing absorption rates to the superficial fat. It’s a very comprehensive transdermal product as it targets the issues of fat storage on both a directly physical and hormonal level, allowing the body to optimise fat utilisation, while also preventing any further storage.

Shiva’s active ingredients work synergistically by locally modulating the fat hormones, oestrogen and cortisol, mobilising fatty acids and encouraging mitochondrial uncoupling. This is a process that encourages cells to utilise more fats for energy. With lipo-reductive and anti-cellulite properties, Shiva encourages the body to release and oxidise fat; tightening and toning problem areas.


  • Discourages cells from storing fat
  • Increases key enzymes involved in fat burning
  • Decreases carriage of excess superficial water, reducing bloating
  • Mobilises fatty acids and increases local blood flow where applied
  • Increases intracellular cAMP, sensitising cells to adrenoreceptor-mediated fat mobilisation
  • Discourages fat storage in problem areas through localised oestrogen and cortisol modulation
  • Utilises mitochondrial uncoupling, increasing thermogenesis and decreasing the formation of reactive oxygen species


Apply twice daily, preferably after exfoliation, to any problem areas holding stubborn fat or cellulite.

Shiva can also be applied before exercise to assist in fat burning.

Due to Shiva’s high transdermal effectiveness, applying Shiva to the inside of both forearms twice daily may aid in modulating fat hormone levels throughout the body systemically. Using Shiva this way works as a total body tightening and toning gel.

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