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How Do Pre Workouts Actually Help You?


There are many different benefits to pre workout formulas with some of the individual ingredients being shown in numerous studies to enhance everything from strength, speed to endurance and fat burning. Pre workout supplements sold by Muscle Coach Supplements are intended to be used approximately 30 minutes before exercise, although this can vary between products (please check the product label prior to consumption to confirm the optimum time). The main goal of a pre workout supplement is to improve your workout using specially targeted ingredients. Below is a list of common ingredients typically found in most pre workout supplements and how they can better aid you during a workout:

  • Amino acidsEssential for muscle synthesis and recovery; can provide fuel for muscles during exercise. Aminos preserve muscle glycogen and prevent muscle breakdown by giving the body what it needs so that it won’t need to draw from skeletal muscle.
  • Beta-alanine: Forms the double amino acid protein carnosine to increase power in muscle contraction; boosts muscle strength while training and prevents the increase in lactic acid in your muscles which will ultimately allow you to perform more reps than you normally would.
  • Betaine: A beet derivative and modified amino acid; can boost power and strength by up to 25%.
  • B Vitamins: Aid in pre-workout energy production.
  • Caffeine: Can improve muscle endurance and lessen soreness to allow for harder training.
  • Creatine: Can be taken as a separate supplement; one of the most powerful strength boosters on the market.
  • Glutamine: Prevents muscle breakdown and aids in protein metabolism. It can increase growth hormone levels, stabilise endurance and reduce fatigue. Take 5-10g pre/post training and before bed.
  • Green Tea Extract: Includes active ingredient EGCG to improve fat burning; works as a mild stimulant.
  • Taurine: Enhances muscular endurance by up to 50%; may improve ability to execute more reps.

Adding a pre workout to your supp stack is going to help fuel your workouts so that you can get that extra rep, so you can up your weights and so that you stay focused on your goals!

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