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Hyper Shred Breakdown


BSN have finally released the product we have all been waiting for – their fat burner. It’s the one product they needed to complement and complete their already diverse range. This is one product that we are really excited about. It puts a new spin of the fat burner market with a variety of different ingredients that have some really exciting potential.

Introducing Hyper Shred, a fat burner that provides a blend of unique ingredients, at the efficacious doses that we really like to see. In combination, the make up of BSN’s Hyper Shred is complete and covers many different pathways of fat burning. The only real downside that we want to point out early, as it’s an important thing to note, is the 4g of Carbs that come in each scoop of Hyper Shred. This is not a massive drawback but just something to be aware of when calculating caloric intake.

Now to the positives of Hyper Shred, which far outweigh that one little negative. Each scoop of Hyper Shred contains a full dose of Acetyl-L-Carnatine and Green tea extract for metabolic support, increased fat mobilization and increase in mental clarity. Solid amounts of Tyrosine and Theanine also act to improve cognition through up-regulation of dopamine. As well as a hefty dose of Red pepper extract (Capsimax) standardized for Capsaicinoids to help boost metabolic rate, support energy production, increase thermogenesis and induce lipolysis.

The Guayusa leaf extract is a unique ingredient that hasn’t been seen much before, its effects however seem to be similar to Yerba Mate in that it has the ability to suppress appetite and burn body fat. It provides a source of caffeine and is also anti-inflammatory due to the amount of anti-oxidants it provides.

Hyper Shred, similar to BSN’s new Preworkout Endorush also contains the Euphoria extract, which delivers a powerful nootropic effect, providing an amazing elevation in mood, sense of well-being and increased mental clarity. Combine this with the Toothed Clubmoss extract which is typically standardized to 100mcg of Huperzine-A, will help prevent the breakdown of Acetyl-Choline in the brain. This acts not only as a mood and focus enhancer, but ensures that those amazing mental feels stick around for an extended period of time.

Overall, Hyper Shred is a really nice, well-rounded fat burner. It targets many of the body’s pathways for fat metabolism while also providing a clean and focused energy with great elevation in overall mood and brain clarity. BSN have created a fat burner that is not only great for fat loss results but also great for increased productivity and mental function due to the amazing blend of balanced stimulants it provides. It’s a product that they have taken some risks on formulating with the use of these unique ingredients, but we are happy to say that it has paid off as BSN have formulated a real winner here.

Author Glen George from our Blackburn store in Melbourne.

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