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International Protein Extreme Mass Review



Extreme Mass is a weight gainer formula aiming to help in boosting calorie and protein intake to achieve gains in muscle mass.  It is a protein and carbohydrate blend formula, resulting in a product usable both post training and as an extra meal throughout the day.  It is available in a 1.5kg and 4kg tub, across 4 flavours.

Effectiveness 4/5
Taste 4/5
Mixability/Texture 5/5
  • 50/50 Blend Protein to Carbohydrate
  • MCT Oils for Healthy Fats
  • Great for Increasing Calories
  • Great for Creating Post-Workout Anabolism
  • Tastes Great
  • No Added Creatine
  • Not the Highest Calorie Gainer
Taste and Mixability

Extreme Mass tastes fantastic, with the sweet flavours working well and the powder mixing up surprisingly easily for a mass gainer. International Protein are known for giving a fantastic taste to their products and this is no different, with the shakes easy to get down as an extra meal without being a chore or inconvenience.

Most Popular Flavours: Choc-Banana, Chocolate Truffle.


Extreme Mass offers a mix of fast and slow release protein through the same blend used in the Synergy 5 product, which includes Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolate, and Micellar Casein.  The healthy fats are derived from MCT oils, helping in that calorie boost and providing energy fuel for the training athlete.

Final Thoughts

Extreme Mass is a solid all around weight gainer that should enable trainers to gain weight when incorporated into their consistent high quality diet.  It is a convenient and tasty way to add in a couple of extra meals a day with some quality protein and extra calories to help in that replenishment and muscle growth.  The formula is not as a high calorie as some on the market, so may not suit all people or particular ‘hard gainers’, but does offer an option that will work for a lot of people.

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