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Muscle Building Training Program for Teens

Muscle Coach Training Programs

At Muscle Coach we recognise that one size does not fit all. Therefore we have formulated multiple variations of each training program depending on your training frequency. Typically people will get better results with higher training frequency especially if they are past the beginner training phase. However you can still get good results even if you are restricted to just three training sessions each week as long as you diet and supplement properly.

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Overview of Teen Muscle Building

Figuring out the best way to go about your training program can be difficult when you have magazines, coaches and friends all telling you different things. Magazine articles are often either written by someone that has never been to a gym before in their life or they are written by bodybuilder’s that are taking a year’s salary worth of steroids meaning a totally different set of training principles apply to them. Coaches want you to train for “functionality”, not necessarily muscle size and your friend’s will tell you anything they read in a magazine or heard their coach say so that doesn’t really help you out either. This article can save you ages of lost time and money and cut straight to what you need to be doing to build as much muscle as possible with your time in the gym.


Muscle Building Principles and Tips
  • Forget High Reps and Light Weights
  • Don’t Vary Your Workouts Too Much
  • Train Each Muscle Once Per Week
  • Train Legs
  • Get a Diet Program
Forget High Reps and Light Weights

It doesn’t matter whether you are bulking or cutting, leave the high reps and light weights to magazines and steroid users. The number one reason why there is so much confusion regarding what sort of rep range you should be using and whether or not you need to lift heavy weights is because all the pro’s do high reps with relatively light weights. When you are taking steroids a different set of training principles apply to you. However when you are training naturally, strength is pretty much equivalent to muscle size. When you first start out with weight lifting you will be able to get muscle and strength gains by doing just about any kind of weights training but don’t be fooled into thinking that high reps and light weights are a good option for you. Strength is the foundation of a good physique and the best way to build strength is by working in the 4-6 rep range. Altering your rep range to some extent can be beneficial but you never want to be doing more than 12 reps per set.


There is a reason why the lightest weight is pink…

Don’t Vary Your Workout Too Much

No doubt you have heard people preaching about changing up your workouts but as a general rule, variation is really only going to be a good thing if causes you to find a better exercise rather than getting any benefit purely from the variation itself. It’s OK to try different things because some people will find better results by using different exercises to other people. However for example, doing a different routine every time your train chest is not going to be beneficial. Rather than changing all your exercises try to limit variation to things as simple as doing an extra set on one exercise or doing a couple of exercises in a different order. There is a reason why there are a handful of really popular exercises for each muscle group and that’s because they are the main exercises to build that muscle, so keep the main thing the main thing.

Train Each Muscle Once Per Week

Professional bodybuilding is guilty of yet another popular misconception and that is frequency of muscle training. Again different principles apply when you are taking steroids and they allow you to recover much faster and therefore you can beneficially train muscle groups more frequently. However when you are training naturally you should be training hard enough that your muscles take about 5 days to recover 100%. This means you could potentially train a muscle twice in 7 days but you cannot consistently train all muscle groups twice every week. If you really can’t help yourself and have to train some muscle groups twice a week then train smaller muscle groups like arms and calves twice a week but understand that whilst it might cause more constant blood flow to those muscles and make them feel tighter, it probably isn’t going to make your muscle grow any faster.


Train Legs

Let me guess, you can’t train legs? You play sport and don’t want to be sore? You have sore knees from growing? You already train them enough from sport? Your legs are already big?


If you are serious about wanting to make gains you are going to have to train your legs because it doesn’t take long to look weirdly disproportionate if you don’t train legs. Even if you don’t actually care about your legs, training legs release testosterone and lets you build your upper body bigger. You don’t have to be the guy that goes into the gym and trains legs until he passes out all the while grunting loud enough for everyone in the gym to hear. This works for some people but for most people it is extremely unsustainable and will kill your motivation in the long term. Just treat legs the same way you treat any other muscle group. Decide what exercises, sets, reps and weight you are going to lift then go in and do it. Don’t feel obliged to push yourself beyond failure on every set, your legs will grow just fine without doing that but of all muscle groups they take consistency and time to grow.

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