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MusclePharm Assault Review



Pre-workouts are great for that boost to what can otherwise be a stale training schedule. It is important to select a pre-workout that will be beneficial to your training, and will give you the best possible workout to reach your goals. Assault is the all round pre-workout offering from MusclePharm, aiming to offer an improvement in energy and training performance.

Effectiveness 5/5
Taste 4/5
Mixability 4/5
  • Assists Performance for all Athletes
  • Increases Strength
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Great Balance of Energy and Pump
  • No Jitters or Energy Crash
  • Banned Substance Free
  • Recommends Half Scoops (Hard to measure)
  • Does Not Contain any of the More Potent Energy Increasing Ingredients
  • Upsets Some People Stomachs
Taste and Mixability

Assault mixes no problems in a regular shaker bottle with 400-500ml of water, enabling easy consumption.  The taste of Assault is good compared to a lot of pre-workouts, where in general most products can be a bit of a challenge to drink.  Assault offers an easily drinkable taste with the Blue Raspberry being the pick of the flavours.


The ingredients in Assault set it apart from the pack, with a huge 6g of BCAA for a pre-workout, over 3g creatine monohydrate and an additional dose of strength boosting Con-Cret creatine for stats, Assault has it covered.  Throw in an effective multi-ingredient arginine blend, good doses of Beta Alanine and Citruline Malate, as well as an energy compound including taurine and l-tyrosine and it’s clear that Assault offers great all round ingredients.

Final Thoughts

Assault is a great pre-workout that offers an effective boost in energy levels and training performance.  Where Assault really shines is in its array of ingredients including creatine and amino-acids that all offer improvement in different aspects of training, such as fatigue, strength, muscle pump, and recovery.  This is a great pre-workout for anyone who is new to pre-workouts, or not particularly looking for a huge stimulant rush, perfect for a variety of training not just bodybuilding.

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