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Ordinary People. Extraordinary Results!


Everybody loves the idea of a 12 week transformation but how much can you really expect to change your body in only 12 weeks? We could sit here and crunch numbers to try and determine the limits of possibility… but all we really need to do is look at the proof. Let’s take a look at how much muscle you can realistically expect to gain and how much fat you can expect to lose based on the results of previous 12 Max’s week transformation participants. Yes, that’s right participants, not official competition winners, ordinary people that took part and got extraordinary results.

Mark Hammer


  • Starting Weight and Body Fat: 86kg, 19.5%
  • Finishing Weight: 76.5kg, 8%
  • Total Fat Lost: 11kg, 11.5%
  • Total Muscle Gained: 1.4kg
Kieran Lawrence


  • Starting Weight and Body Fat: 90kg, 19%
  • Finishing Weight: 82kg, 10%
  • Total Fat Lost: 9kg, 9%
  • Total Muscle Gained: 0.8kg
Sarah Banchi


  • Starting Weight and Body Fat: 61kg, 26.5%
  • Finishing Weight: 55kg, 18%
  • Total Fat Lost: 6.3kg, 8.5%
  • Total Muscle Gained: 0.3kg
Kelley McPhee


  • Starting Weight and Body Fat: 71kg, 32.3%
  • Finishing Weight: 58.8kg, 19%
  • Total Fat Lost: 12kg, 13.3%
  • Total Muscle Gained: 0.0kg

The main thing you will notice when looking at these transformations is that very significant improvements to lean body mass appearance have been made with very little increases to the actual level of muscle mass. Basically the key to a successful 12 week body transformation is to either maintain or get a slight increase in muscle mass but focus on dropping the body fat percentage as much as possible.

Are you on track for success in your transformation challenge?

We are nearly 4 weeks into the Max’s and Maxine’s transformation challenge and if you are on track you should have lost about 2-4kg with a reduction in body fat from 2-4%. Keep up the great work!

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