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Our Top Five Fat Burners!


We’ve Picked our Top Five Fat Burners! These are the fat burners rated highly by the whole MC team for taste and formula! Each one provides unique benefits but all deliver great results in the long run!

T432 Plus By ATP Science:

This one features an amazing list of ingredients that fill in nutritional deficiencies to help optimize the metabolic pathways within the body that control our ability to burn fat. It’s subtle on feel but has a very powerful effect on metabolism regulation. The use of minimal stimulants means it can be used throughout the day to keep that metabolic rate ticking over. It also optimises our thyroid function so we can get the best out of our metabolic rate.

Slimtum Prometheus:

Prometheus provides a hard hitting mental focus and energy complex combined with an extremely well dosed, comprehensive blend of fat burning ingredients to help support all actions of fat metabolism in the body. It’s amazing as both a pick me up throughout the day or as a powerful pre workout kick to boost energy in the gym.

BSN Hyper Shred:

This is one well dosed, comprehensive fat burning matrix! It contains a broad range of well studied ingredients that target all the main pathways of fat metabolism in the body. It has a great thermogenic effect that really helps to increase core body temperature, and you definitely notice increased sweating during your training sessions. This is accompanied by a really clean mood elevation that gives you an amazing euphoric sense of well being. All of that without any crash makes it a perfect morning kickstarter to get you performing at your best all day long.

Slimtum Valkyrie:

Amazing tasting, light stim fat burner that gives a nice clean energy with great cognitive boost and mood elevation. Brilliant to start off the day and set the body up for fat burning but it’s also great as a subtle energy hit pre workout to increase mental focus and endurance during training sessions.

EHP Labs Oxyshred:

Amazing sense of well-being and mood elevation comes with each and every scoop. The feels are great and the focus is super clean. Combine this with a great dose of Acetyl-L-Carnitine to help boost that metabolic rate and you have a really complete product for not only fat liberation but also for brain performance. Fantastic for daily use, giving you great results for both fat loss and daily life success.

Check out our full range of fat burners and send us a message or head in store if you have any questions!

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