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Our Top Five Pre Workouts


We’ve Picked our Top Five Pre Workouts!

These are the pre workouts rated highly by the whole MC team for taste, formula and results!

1. AREZ:

AREZ has built up a reputation for its awesome mental focus and mood boosting effects. It provides really well balanced, smooth, energy that will leave you feeling amazing. Another reason people love AREZ is because of the second wave of energy you receive around 30 minutes into your workout, this second hit of energy will kick in right as your starting to feel your energy levels drop, meaning you’ll always last the distance.

2. Total War:

Total War has got to be one of the most well-rounded, balanced, high stimulant pre-workouts to hit the shelves.. It constantly holds its status, as it’s been one of our most popular pre workouts over the last few years by far. With clinical doses of every ingredient, Total war promises not only great energy but will also enhance you performance, no matter what type of training you’re doing, all without that dreaded post workout crash.

3. Stimul8:

Stimul8 Loaded is another pre-workout that has built itself up a solid fan base in the short time its been available. For most of the team here at MC it has become the regular ‘go to’ pre workout when you wanna chace that pump and really enjoy a long gym session. This is definitely one of those pre-workout you feel working, The energy and beta-tingles kick in almost right away!

4. Attack:

Attack was the first pre workout we brought in to fill the gap after the DMHA ban, and we did so for good reason… It is one of our strongest formula that hits you and holds that intensity until your very last rep. Attack is full of simple but super effective, time tested ingredients that provide an extremely well balanced amount of energy and euphoric mood enhancement. The strong nootropics in Attack will leave you feel amazing with razor sharp focus through your session.

5. Nitraflex:

Nitraflex is one of the those products that has really stood the test of time. It’s an extremely concentrated formula, the effects speak for themselves. This is one of those pre-workouts that people just keep coming back for Nitraflex is also well know for it’s ‘testosterone boosting’ effects through the inclusion of pterostilbene which work to inhibit estrogen activity, while CFB works to boost total test levels, allowing free testosterone levels to increase.

Check out our full range of pre workouts and send us a message or head in store if you have any questions!

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