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PPP Body Effects Review



Body Effects is a thermogenic fat burning formula that aims to assist in energy production and fat loss for those looking to lose weight or ‘cut’ up. Body Effects is available in 8 flavours in a 30 serving tub size, it can be used as a first up in the morning energy boost, or as a pre-workout formula to aid in energy levels while training in a fat loss phase.

Effectiveness 5/5
Taste 4/5
Mixability/Texture 5/5
  • Speeds Fat Burning
  • Noticeably Improved Mental Function
  • Long Lasting Energy
  • No Jitters or Crash
  • Strong Thermogenic Effect
  • Only 30 Serves Per Tub
Taste and Mixability

Body Effects offers a pleasant taste and very mixable formula, easily made up into a drink that can be used as a start to the day or to sip on pre-workout. The flavours are sweet but still retain flavour, and the powder mixes without lumps or frothing up too much.

Most Popular Flavours: Mango Peach (Amazing), Watermelon, Lemonade.


Body Effects has a larger serving size than a lot of fat burners, and packs in a bunch of impressive ingredients. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is an essential fatty acid that aids in fat breakdown, while other ingredients such as green tea extract and synephrine are proven fat burners as well. Stimulant boosts from Phenyl ethylamine (PEA) and Caffeine aid in both energy and thermogenesis, with dandelion extract which reduces water retention and cactus leaf extract for appetite control.

Final Thoughts

Body Effects is a solid fat burner built on a variety of proven ingredients. While the energy rush is not the most intense, it is prolonged and effective over a long period of time, and helps in improving mood and mental concentration. Body Effects is an effective standalone fat burner or a useful combo pre-workout that tastes great (especially for a fat burner) and is easy to drink.

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