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Prana On’s Power Plant Protein Review


Protein is an essential factor when it comes to our health and fitness goals, and its important to find a high-quality product that not only assists our recovery but also tastes great! For those who are happy to stick with and can tolerate dairy sources of protein generally have no issues with this, as there is an extensive market out there with fantastic tasting protein powders that will help guide you towards your goals. But what about our vegan and vegetarian friends out there, even those who simply don’t like to consume dairy protein for various reasons. What options do they have? We know you guys have been plagued by the bland, gritty and gluggy textures of plant based proteins for too long, with very little alternative. So what’s the solution to this struggle? Enter Prana On, the latest plant based protein range to hit the market, and it’s hitting it in full force!

Prana have developed a unique, Australian made, plant based protein blend called ‘Power Plant Protein’ which is not only certified vegan friendly but is also gluten, peanut, soy and sugar free, all while containing no artificial sweeteners, GMO’s or fillers; too good right? Well it only gets better from there; Power Plant Protein will deliver 30-35 grams of protein per scoop with only 3.2-7.5 grams of carbohydrates (depending on flavour) and 0 grams of fat across the board. But what about the big question, the one thing everyone is dying to know… how does it taste? To be honest and to the point, Prana have nailed the taste and texture of Power Plant. The protein not only smells phenomenal but mixes brilliantly into the thick and smooth, delicious protein shake.

Power Plant separates itself from all other plant based protein powders with its clever blend of ingredients that are the key to its success. Prana have used a blend of raw, organic, non-GMO free golden pea protein; organic sprouted & fermented brown rice protein and the key ingredient of organic Sacha Inchi protein which helps to bind the other proteins together, removing that gritty and gluggy texture plant proteins have become known for. Power Plant also includes a digestive enzyme blend of Bromelain and Papain to aid in the assimilation of the protein and increase its bioavailability within the body. To top it all off Prana have an added a blend of amino acids including L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, Beta Alanine and the most important, micronized L-Leucine. This means Power Plant will not only give you a full spectrum of bio-available amino acids but also an improved amino acid ratio to optimally fuel muscle growth and recovery, making it the perfect protein powder for all users, not just those seeking a dairy alternative.

So we know it tastes amazing, and we know the ingredient’s list is second to none, but how does Power Plant Protein perform in comparison to dairy protein sources; they are seen as the benchmark for protein powders due to the amino acid profile and absorption rate, so does Prana stack up? Typically dairy protein (whey and casein) is a great complete protein with a full spectrum of amino acids that is generally seen to be more effective than vegetable protein. Leucine (the amino acid responsible for muscle protein synthesis) is very important when drawing comparisons between animal and plant proteins effect on muscle and recovery. Animal protein contains 9-11% Leucine, while plant protein yields only 6-8% however, Prana have offset this with their added micronized Leucine content. The second point is while whey is shown to have a faster absorption rate, pea protein alone has been shown to promote similar results for increasing muscle size and thickness while rice protein has shown better (yes better) results than whey on things such as fat loss, muscle gain, power and strength. This is due to a faster absorption rate of the more bio-available Leucine that is found in rice protein, Leucine is utilized quickly while the other amino acids have a slower trickle through effect. From this you can see that Prana have nailed their formula on the head by blending the pea and rice protein sources as well as including the digestive enzymes and amino acids to improve ratios, bioavailability and overall effectiveness on muscle growth and recovery. Due to these points, Power Plant Protein is a brilliant option for anyone looking to improve their body composition and optimize their health and fitness in the most natural and delicious way possible!

Author Glen George from our Blackburn Store.

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