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Smart Diet Solutions Smart Protein Bar Chocolate Choc Chip Box

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Smart Diet Solutions Smart Protein Bar Chocolate Choc Chip Single × 12

  • 60g
  • Chocolate Choc Chip

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Smart Diet Solutions Smart Protein Bar Chocolate Choc Chip Box

All natural, raw, protein bars with no soy, preservatives, sugar alcohols or fillers!

The first bars of their kind, perfect for any weight loss, muscle building or low carb ketogenic diet!

Our Quality

We are wholly Australian owned. Our products are made by hand fresh to order in our own manufacturing plant.

Our Health Promise

Our bars are the healthiest available on the market. Sure, there are other decent bars out there, but none that are as low in carbs, healthy or that taste as great as ours do. And it’s not just the ingredients; we also cold-press our bars!

Raw & Natural

Whilst we endeavour to purchase all our ingredients raw (as well as being natural, organic, non-GMO and Australian made), some ingredients legally require pasteurisation (such as milk powders and soon, possibly almonds and hazelnuts) in order to kill bacteria. This process requires a very low heat so as to retain their nutrients, which is also why these ingredients can legally be labelled as raw. Other protein bars are heated to set the shape (which is why our bars do not retain their shape!), however, the nutritional information of those bars is based on the preheated ingredients, so you really don’t know what you are consuming as far as nutritional value goes. In comparison, our bars are not only delicious but they retain all of their nutritional value!

Our Ingredients

We source only the best ingredients. Our bars are free of soy and sugar, low in fructose , with no sugar alcohols (such as erythritol or maltitol) and no added thickeners or preservatives. We only use quality protein isolates.  Our bars are the closest thing to consuming quality, pure protein powders, on the go.

  • Protein: Grass-fed whey and milk protein isolates only (plus a little protein from the added nuts). Each serve contains around 20 grams of protein!
  • Fibre: We sourced our own unique blend of prebiotic fibre, derived from corn without the usual chemical processes. Each serve contains around 18 grams of fibre!
  • Carbs: Sorry no carbs here!  Well OK. Our bars have some carbs (around 2-4 grams per serve), but only those that occur naturally in the protein, nuts and dried fruits which are used in some of our flavours. In fact, if you’re counting ‘net carbs’, our bars are actually net carb negative!
  • Fats: The only fat in our bars come from the nuts we use and from our own homemade, sugar-free chocolate which is used in some of our flavours.
  • Sweetener: We use stevia. But this is no ordinary stevia! Our stevia is exclusive to us, manufactured just for us. We helped redesign the manufacturing process as well as choosing the type and specific parts of the leaf to provide the purest natural sweetener possible, without the usual bitterness. And we don’t mix our stevia with sugar alcohols or anything else!

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