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Universal Animal Cuts


  • 42 Serves
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Universal Animal Cuts is a complete fat burning formula that contains 8 different complexes that will ignite your fat burning and get you CUT. Animal Cuts has done to fat burners what Animal Pak did to every other multi-vitamin on the market – rendered them obsolete. The users of Animal products have demanded something to make them ripped, shredded and peeled and that’s exactly what has been delivered. Animal Cuts has every aspect of fat burning in one pack.

Fat Metabolism

Some products are made up entirely of stimulants but don’t actually have any ingredients to help you with your fat metabolism during training. Animal Cuts contains ingredients that help your body more efficiently transport your fat stores to the mitochondria where they can metabolised for energy.


The thermogenic effect is the burning sensation that you get in your core when you are doing an intense training session. Heating up your body’s core temperature will cause your body to burn morecalories. Animal Cuts turns your body into an all-consuming walking furnace that melts away excess fat stores.


Animal Cuts supports your energy levels in the gym helping you get more out of your trainingsessions. As well as this the increase in energy levels actually helps your body burn more calories.


Carvings are the killer of fat loss. Don’t let your body boss you around making you miserable about your dieting decisions. Get in control of your diet and cravings. Get Animal Cuts.


  • Speed your metabolism
  • Increase energy levels
  • Help control appetite
  • Turn your body into a walking furnace


Universal Animal Cuts is a comprehensive fat burning formula that will get you shredded abs in the shortest amount of time possible.

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