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Universal Animal Pak


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Universal Animal Pak is a clear cut above the rest and is the first multi-vitamin pack on the market to give you everything your body needs for optimal health and to facilitate a muscle building environment in your body. Animal Pak is the supplement most widely taken by professional bodybuilders all around the world. Why you might ask? It gets the job done, it works, first time and every time, it is one of few supplements on the market to stand the test of time. Animal Pak has over 30 years of satisfied athletes and bodybuilders giving testimony to the power of the Pak. Ditch Your Supermarket Multi-Vitamin So you think the multi-vitamin your bought whilst grocery shopping the other day is going to cut it?

Get real. You are trying to add massive amount of shredded muscle tissue to your body and only Animal Pack is going to deliver everything you need. You’re not just sitting behind a desk all day to go home and watch T.V. for the rest of the day. You are training hardcore in the gym without fail. The same reason why the officially recommended RDI of protein intake is the laughing stock of you and all your mates is the same reason why you need more in your multi-vitamin. Only Animal Pak delivers extremely high concentrations of particular vitamins and minerals that are depleted during hardcore training.

Antioxidant Complex

Universal Animal Pak is so much more than just vitamins and minerals. Animal Pak is an all in one health food supplement. Animal Pak contains a specific blend of ingredients that will find free toxins in your body and move them to you liver to be processed. When your building muscle your body needs to be like a well-oiled machine and the antioxidant complex is going to get you there.

Digestive Enzyme Complex

Not only do you need all the essential vitamins and mineral co-factors for muscle growth you also need ingredients to optimise your body’s uptake of nutrition into your muscles. Animal Pak digestive enzymes are like micro razor blades that cut down protein molecules in your stomach and release those precious amino acids into your blood stream for muscle building.

Performance Complex

The hardcore bodybuilder knows how taxing your gym obsession can be on your liver. You need to look after yourself and keep your body in the best shape possible. Animal Pak has got your back during your cycle by ensuring that you maintain a healthy liver and process everything you put in your body as healthily as possible.


  • Optimise your body’s health
  • Get the most out of your hardcore training
  • Full spectrum of health ingredients in one product
  • 44 day supply

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