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Protein Goes Vegan Organic with Prana On


Prana On – Protein Goes Vegan Organic!

A new innovative brand of supplements has released a range of products that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals like never before. Not only are Prana On products high in protein, amino acids and other performance ingredients, they are also loaded with organic micronutrients, digestive enzymes and antioxidants.

The name spells it all out…

P – Plant based

R – Raw

A – Alkaline

N – Natural

A – And gluten free

O – Organic

N – Nutrients

Prana On are committed to providing the highest quality nutritional ingredients to improve overall health and wellness and accelerate fitness development. Historically supplement users have sought two different classifications of products to meet their needs, performance and recovery supplements and then separately health and wellness products. Well now the two have become one in the Prana On natural organics supplements range.

All products are naturally flavoured and sweetened.

Here is a quick summary of all the different Prana On products so that you can find the ones best suited to your goals.

Protein Powders 

Power Plant Protein – Lean Protein

  • All organic pea, rice and sacha inchi protein
  • Added amino acids
  • Added digestive enzymes

Primal Protein – Vegan Paleo Protein

  • Low fat, low carb, high protein
  • Added herbs and antioxidant extracts
  • Added digestive enzymes

Natural Mass – Vegan Weight Gainer

  • Half protein and half carbs
  • Organic protein blend
  • Added digestive enzymes

Phyto Fire – Fat Burning Protein

  • Organic protein blend
  • Organic fat metabolising antioxidant superfood blend
  • Added digestive enzymes
Workout  Supplements

Pure Boost – Preworkout

  • Endurance and pump amino acid blend
  • Energy increasing herbal blend
  • Antioxidant blend

Intra Strength – BCAA’s

  • Recovery amino acid blend
  • Superfood antioxidant blend
  • Vitamin and electrolyte replacement blend
Health and Wellness Supplements

Super Greens

  • All organic wheat, barley chlorella, Spirulina and alfalfa blend
  • Added digestive enzymes

Multi Force – Multivitamin Powder

  • Organic vegetable powder blend
  • Organic antioxidant blend
  • Organic vitamin and mineral powder
  • Organic superfood and herbal blend

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