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Resilience Simplified


ATP have finally released the third of their ‘Four Pillars of Health.”

It’s called ‘Resilience’ and in short, its an adaptogenic product – an Immune system modulator. This means that it will work in the body to strengthen and balance the mechanisms of our immune function, helping to keep you fit, healthy and thriving.

Resilience wont suppress or over activate the immune system. Instead, it will normalize our physiology, allowing our immune system to pick up when under-active or calm down if overactive.

It is a powerful anti-inflammatory that has a soothing effect on the mucosa, building up and strengthening gut wall linings instead of destroying them.It also acts as a great anti-oxidant that will help to protect our tissue from chemical attack, invading organisms and undesired defense flare ups.

It also helps protect and regulate liver function, optimizing our Phase 1 (conversion to water soluble toxins) and Phase 2 (clearing or detox of water-soluble toxins) pathways to help control our defense mechanisms.

We want our bodies to be quick, efficient and effective at switching into ‘Survival mode’ to deal with inflammation and oxidative stress before switching that response off; allowing us to get back to the state our bodies want to be in, ‘Rest and digest mode’ where we can recover, regenerate, repair and thrive.
Each capsule contains EQUIVELANT to fresh plant;

  • Reishi (Ganoderma lucidium) mushroom 15g
  • Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) fruit 25g yielding 50mg ascorbate and 50mg bioflavonoids
  • Turmeric (Curcuma longa) root 12.5g
  • Frankincense (Boswelia serrata) oleoresin 2.25g
  • Myrrh (Commiphora myrrh) 3.75g
  • Chinese wormwood (Artemisia annua) leaf 5g
  • Reishi: Has an antiviral effect. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps protect the liver from inflammation as well as protect against gut-derived inflammation from a leaky and inflamed gut. It also helps to stabilize mucosa and prevent intestinal inflammation.

Amla: Powerful NRF2 activator containing a strong dose of Vitamin C along with bioflavonoids including Rutin and Quercetin as essential nutritional co-factors needed to support antioxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanisms in our bodies protection pathways. Can also help to reduce bacterial infections while inhibiting adhesion to the mucosa. Finally, its also a very strong liver protector.

Turmeric: Can help reduce the innate inflammatory and immune responses that leave us to being stuck in stress and ‘Survival mode’. Being stuck in this ‘Survival mode’ can lead to autoimmunity and overactive immune responses. It also regulates the microbiome and aids intestinal mucosa integrity.

Frankincense: Regulates inflammation and antioxidant systems, helping target immune dysfunction. This allows it to act upon the cause of the inflammation and oxidative stress directly. Great at modulating our innate immune response. It does this by dampening inflammation and oxidative stress, regardless of which aspect of the immune system is flared up. It is an effective anti-inflammatory agent that protects, heals and soothes the intestinal mucosa reducing intestinal permeability.

Myrrh: Modulates the chemical messengers called ‘Cytokines’. This allows these the cytokines to stimulate the immune system when needed to fight infection and then have it back off in the cases of overactive immune responses that would usually lead to autoimmunity.

Chinese Wormwood: Powerful anti-parasitic actions. It has immune-modulating properties that show benefit in raising suppressed immunity while also being able to calm down overactive immunity. It also provides a beneficial effect in controlling the severity of inflammation and the damage received from this inflammation.

Dosing is super simple. For maintenance and prevention, simply take 3 capsules daily with food. Can be all at once or split throughout the day, depending on preference. In the case of acute infection, trauma or inflammation, you can take 2 capsules 4 times through the day, every 2-3 hours or so in order to directly and effectively deal with the issue.

All up it’s an effective blend of well studied ingredients that have each been proven to work both individually and synergistically.

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