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RULE1 R1 Protein Review


It has finally landed, Rule1’s highly anticipated R1-Protein, one of the most popular protein supplements to hit the market. The name and reputation of Rule1 is growing rapidly and with good reason!  R1-Protien is an extremely high-quality, rapid digesting protein powder comprised of ultra pure Whey Isolate and Hydrolysate. With a great macronutrient profile made up of only high quality ingredients, topped off by a massive variety of unique flavors to the isolate market, R1-Protien is the perfect post workout supplement for those looking to maximise muscle growth and recovery.

One thing we love to see with a protein supplement is a concise, simple ingredient panel, void of excessive additives and poor quality ingredients. Luckily, that’s exactly what R1-Protein provides us, Rule1 have held noting back with the formulation of this product, incorporating only high-quality protein sources such as whey protein isolates and whey hydrolysates. The use of a pure Isolate means we get a more bioavailable, rapidly digesting protein powder that our body can utilise more efficiently. The process of creating an Isolate includes the elimination of unwanted substrates, meaning a few things. No residual carbs or fats, making it a great protein source during a weight loss campaign, zero added sugar, no lactose and no gluten, giving the powder a higher percentage of pure protein per serve, coming in at 87%. The addition of hydrolysate further enhances the effects of the isolate, putting your body in a positive nitrogen balance to facilitate an anabolic environment in which our bodies can optimise muscular growth and repair.

A stand out with Rule1 that sets them above many other protein companies out there is that their ‘added’ amino acids are truly added, so no amino spiking here. The amino acids put into the formula aren’t counted to contribute to the 25g value of whole protein shown on the nutrition label. The fact that these amino acids do not replace absent protein means we can get the benefit of the additional amino acid intake of BCAAs and glutamine, increasing muscular recovery and keeping our bodies in an anti-catabolic state to which muscle protein synthesis can be maximised in the post workout setting.

So we know it’s high quality, we know Rule1 have left no stone unturned with the formula and we know it’s going to be great for results, but how does it taste? Well, to be frank, the taste is unreal! For a product that’s sugar free with no fat, lactose or gluten and is also low sodium, how they’ve managed to pull off such great flavors is beyond us. With 9 flavors to choose from, R1-Protein has brought a nice point of difference to the otherwise stale market of isolate flavors, going above and beyond to ensure each flavour is pleasant, true to taste and something to look forward to after a tough workout. The protein itself has a great consistency and mixes effortlessly, so overall, in terms of taste and mixability, Rule1 have again hit the ball out of the park with this one.

If you’re after an extremely pure, high quality post workout protein powder, it’s hard to look past Rule1’s R1-Protein. Weather your goal is weight loss or lean muscle gain, the enhanced bioavailability of R1-Protien leads to maximised digestion and nutrient delivery into muscle cells post workout, optimising muscular growth and repair. Hitting your goals with quality post workout nutrition has never tasted so good!

Author Glen George from our Blackburn store.

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