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Sleep Gains are REAL


Rest is for the weak? I think not.

That’s right. Not only is it possible to build muscle while you sleep it’s actually the best time for it. Also sleep is not just for building muscle, you can actually burn fat during sleep as well.

Exercise is the time where your muscles are being broken down and damaged, resting is the time when your body builds and repairs. As well as muscle building, after training your metabolism can stay at an elevated level for over 24 hours. An elevated resting metabolism rate means an increased level of calories being burned while inactive, or sleeping.

We know this is true yet almost everything in our diet and training programs and all of our intent and effort is focused on the exercise and supplements that we take in the gym. But when it comes to resting, recovering and the time where we are actually making our gains, we leave it to chance.
Well… not everyone is leaving it to chance. There are many bodybuilders and athletes that really go out of their way to maximise their sleep and their nutrition around sleep. Many of them will regularly wake up in the middle of the night to eat a full meal or have a protein shake. Others will sleep an additional 2-3 hours in the middle of every day.

Okay well that’s great… unless you have a job. Don’t worry it is possible to make extra sleep gains without planning your entire life around it. There are two main ways to improve your rest and recovery:

1) Slow digesting proteins before bed

2) Relaxation formulas to improve sleep quality

All proteins digest at different speeds which makes them useful for different functions and different times of the day. Some proteins can digest as quickly as 30 minutes making them ideal for use directly before or after training. Other proteins can take as long as 7 hours to fully digest. Of course when it comes to sleep, it’s the proteins with the slower digestion speeds that are going to be the most useful. Foods like peanut butter, cottage cheese and milk take 5-7 hours to digest. But for everyone that doesn’t like the idea of adding fats into their diet right before bed, there’s casein supplements. Casein protein digests over 7 hours and typically contains less than 1g fat per serving.

Relaxation formulas contain ingredients like magnesium, chamomile, GABA and others that have a calming effect on the mind and help muscles to properly relax. The deeper and more restful your sleep is the more efficiently your body will be able to respond to your exercise and training program.
When it comes to sleep supplements, Max’s are ahead of the game. Most sleep supplements are only either casein or only a relaxation formula, but Max’s have combined the two into one product.

Any Max’s or Maxine’s night supplement will have a blend of slow digesting proteins and a relaxation formula. Sleep gains are almost too easy.


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