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Slimtum Chi Review


Do you find it hard to stay motivated and focused during a workout? Slimtum Chi can help with that!

We recently simplified BCAAs in a blog post and this week we’re looking at Slimtum Chi, a great vegan BCAA option. Slimtum takes a more natural approach with their products, and Chi is no exception. It’s free from artificial flavours and sweeteners. It’s also vegan, keto and has no dairy and gluten, proving a carbohydrate free energy source. This product is a great multitasker, helping with fat burning, exercise performance, energy and recovery.

Review from Glen, from our Melbourne Stores:

Chi is a comprehensive product that contains lots of goodies that support muscle mass, provide clean and focused energy all while helping up-regulate that fat burning metabolism. This BCAA is a very complete product and great value for what it provides- the energy, focus, endurance, pumps and recovery are solid.

Slimtum have added BHB salts for immediate cellular energy and metal clarity. There is a nice clean energy blend included, which increases mental and physical energy.

The inclusion of Schisandra Berry helps to mitigate excess stress on the body and the added adrenals ensure you wont be fighting that classic negative caffeine adaptation.

There are clinically standardized Electrolytes added through coconut water powder, which is great for hydration but also supplies some good pumps with the elevated sodium and potassium content.

Slimtum have also included some Choline and Tyrosine for nootropic value to increase mood and mental focus.

L-Carnatine-L-Tartrate and Green tea extract are in there for enhanced metabolism (which Slimtum is all about) and you can’t forget your 5g of BCAA at a 2:1:1 ratio. The product is also naturally sweetened with Stevia, so no artificial stuff in there for those who want to avoid that.

Overall this is a well balanced, great all round product. It helps elevate your workout and take it to the next level by giving you energy, focus and increasing your fat burning potential.

Check out Slimtum Chi here! 

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