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Slimtum Prometheus Fat Burner Review


Losing fat is one of the most common and desirable goals for those who take their health and fitness seriously. We know that good, balanced nutrition in combination with a well-executed exercise program are the central factors to achieving healthy and maintainable weight loss, yet, people still struggle immensely with achieving their desired fat loss goals.

The rules of thermodynamics define the basic equation to fat loss, burn more energy than you consume and you’ll lose weight, right? Not quite, this mentality, while in essence is correct, can often lead to unmaintainable crash diets that are only effective short term, likely causing more damage than good results for your body long term. To truly achieve a weight loss goal we need to approach things far more holistically, creating balanced lifestyle changes that are maintainable long term and still allow a positive, energetic, quality way of life.

There can be other variables to consider in the fat loss equation that many people often miss. While there is no ‘magic pill’ for fat loss, there are certainly ways to make it a lot easier. Through certain methods of quality supplementation we are able to place our body in a state to which it is far more capable and efficient at burning fat. There are many different methods to achieving this, but utilising a well-rounded supplement, designed specifically to compliment and enhance good diet and exercise will help improve your fat loss progress.

Enter, Prometheus! A holistic, multi-angled approach to fat reduction that is designed to target fat and fat loss potential on a variety of levels. Slimtum have taken fat burning to a whole new level with this comprehensive formula, combining 8 separate blends of ingredients to help target fat loss from every angle, leaving no stone unturned when optimising your body’s ability to burn fat.

Prometheus combines a wicked blend of synergistic ingredients that help make the formula one of the most complete, well rounded and comprehensive fat burning and mood-enhancing supplements we have seen to date. By taking such a complete approach to fat loss, Prometheus’ formula can increase metabolic function, thermogenesis, insulin sensitivity, appetite reduction, water and bloating reduction as well and increase energy and mood enhancement.

Each one of these 8 micro-formulas in Prometheus holds a particular function and targets fat loss from a different angle, this is what allows it to be such an effective, ‘all in one’ fat loss agent.

1. Energy Blend: Helps to ramp up and increase the metabolism while dramatically elevating energy and mood throughout the day.

2. Lipid Transport Blend: Mobilises fatty acids and allows our body to utilise them for energy.

3. Sustained Burn Blend: Sustains the elevation in energy and metabolism for an extended period, maintaining mood, focus and fat burning throughout the day.

4. Appetite Reduction Blend: Suppresses appetite in order to reduce hunger and increase satiation.

5. Thermogenic Anti-Lipid Blend: Elevates and activates metabolic pathways to increase fat reduction and calorie utilisation.

6. Diuretic, Anti-Bloat Blend: Lowers visibility of surface fat while illuminating fluid retention and reducing bloating.

7. Insulin Sensitisation Blend: Optimising insulin sensitivity and our body’s ability to utilise carbohydrates for glycogen replenishment while down regulating fat storage.

8. Absorption Aid: This final blend enhances the bioavailability of the ingredients in Prometheus, increasing your body’s ability to absorb each active ingredient optimally.

When we break down the formula into its subcategories, we can see how each aspect of the product helps to aid our body in lipolysis from a much more holistic standpoint than we are used to seeing. This allows us to not only mobilise and use stored body fat more efficiently but also allows our body to be more responsive and sensitive to good nutrition and exercise practice. The formula will also provide that desired appetite reduction and extreme energy to help boost mood, reduce irritability and improve life quality on a day to day basis, making your fat loss journey more manageable, enjoyable and most importantly sustainable long term.

Author Glen George from our Melbourne stores!


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