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So what’s the deal with Adaptogenic Mushrooms?


With the ever-growing popularity of weight lifting and performance sports, there is a constant search for ways athletes can improve peak performance to maximise potential for an upcoming event. We have all heard of amino acids, caffeine, BCAA’s, electrolytes and carbohydrates for increasing athletic performance, but how about mushrooms? That’s right, mushrooms, and six very special ones at that.

Adaptogenic mushrooms are the newest revolution to hit sports supplementation; the hype is real and for good reason. Firstly, lets cover off, what is an adaptogen? An adaptogen is something that has the ability to bind to the receptor sites on cells in the gut, triggering a release of chemicals that stimulate and promote balance in the body’s hormonal, immune and nervous system adaptogens induce homeostasis and improve your body’s condition and function. This will improve physical stamina, mental alertness and productivity as well as help your body to recover from any stress and imbalances that could potentially be holding you back.

Now that we know bit about how beneficial adaptogens are for the body, lets dive into the adaptogenic mushrooms that have us all so excited. Xtend Performance from Scivation includes these adaptogenic mushrooms in the form of PEAKO2. It is the newest product to hit the market that includes this mushroom blend, and is a supplement purely designed for performance. PEAKO2 is a blend of six adaptogenic mushrooms that are designed to maximise human power and endurance. This blend consists of:

– Cordyceps mushrooms: Enhances energy levels and inhibits inflammation.

– Reishi mushrooms: Improves vitality and immune function, lowers and moderates blood pressure & cholesterol levels, reduces stress and fatigue.

– King trumpet mushrooms: Rich in antioxidants, boosts energy and clears cholesterol from the circulatory system.

– Shiitake mushrooms: Controls blood sugar levels, reduces inflammation and protects the body from oxidative stress.

– Lion’s mane mushrooms: Acts as a nootropic, increases mental clarity & speed of thought.

– Turkey tail mushrooms: Strengthens immune function and stimulates/supports energy levels.

Each of the mushrooms in PEAKO2 has its own unique set of benefits that when combined become a potent blend of performance enhancing goodness. PEAKO2 was tested in a 21-day clinical study that showed athletes that supplemented with 4 grams of PEAKO2 improved their peak power output by 17.6% over their baseline. Compared to a placebo group who showed a decrease of 11.8% compared to baseline. So how does this all work? Well, the adaptogenic mushrooms blend essentially helps to increase oxygen uptake to protect against oxidative stress and increase your body’s VO2 max resulting in:

– Elevated power & strength output

– Improved oxygen utilisation, increasing aerobic peak power

– Extended time to exhaustion, maximising exercise duration

– Enhanced workout effectiveness through increase of exercise capacity

The performance increase adaptogenic mushrooms provide is exceptional and makes for the perfect supplement to include when prepping for any type of event that requires your maximum output. By incorporating PEAKO2 into your regime in the weeks prior to an event, you can expect to see a steady increase in your ability to perform. As you lead up to the final event you will see a significant increase your power and endurance output, hitting your peak, allowing you to exceed your perceived limit and perform at your absolute best.

Author Glen George from our Blackburn Store.

Learn more about Xtend Perform BCAAs from Scivation.

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