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So what’s the deal with Collagen?


Collagen protein has been a recent showstopper in the supplement market. Its popularity is in a constant influx as the list of benefits it provides become more well known and discussed in the industry. With the emergence of new collagen protein products and the resurgence of some old classics, we thought this would be the perfect time to discuss and break down what makes collagen such a fantastic source of protein for both fitness and general health.

Most collagen powders are made using hydrolyzed Bovine collagen, essentially meaning it is a form of beef protein. Hydrolyzed collagen is extremely low in fats and carbohydrates, meaning it has an extremely high protein percentage by weight. Being hydrolyzed, the protein chains have been broken down into the free form amino acids that serve as building blocks for certain roles in the body. The purity and lack of GMO in most collagen supplements not only make it a great source of protein for the macronutrient value, but also means the digestion is rapid and easy, allowing the regeneration and repair of your body to begin quickly and efficiently.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, making up a quarter of our body mass. It makes up 10% of our skeletal muscle in the form of connective tissue, which is responsible for 30% of our generated force output and muscle power. Collagen is responsible for a number of numerous bodily functions including the build up and repair of our connective tissues. As we age, our collagen levels naturally decrease, causing aged skin, decreased bone density, weakening of joints and ligaments as well as degradation of structural health. Collagen is a protein source that us as humans consume from foods such as bone broths, however, making and consuming bone broth on a regular basis isn’t always the most convenient means of collagen consumption. This is where supplementation becomes a brilliant way to consume collagen on a regular basis, allowing us to gain a host of its benefits without the time and labor intensive investment.

One of the most desired benefits of collagen protein is its ability to combat the effects of aging in the body.

–          It has great protective and regenerative properties on joint cartilage.

–          The ability to repair and strengthen connective tissues & tendons.

–          It can improve hair, skin, nail health.

–          Is easily digestible and improves both gut function and digestion while preventing inflammation.

These qualities are what make collagen such a fantastic supplement for people with joint pain, poor skin, hair or nails, slow recovery, digestive issues, or food intolerances. It can also be great for those who simply want an alternative to whey.

If you find yourself suffering from gut inflammation, sore joints or aches and pains that prevent you from functioning at your best, then a hydrolyzed collagen could be an excellent solution to the problem. Whether your looking to gain lean muscle, reduce body fat levels, improve endurance and performance, or simply maintain a healthy, functioning body; then incorporating a collagen supplement into your diet as a protein source is a great option. It will ensure you can stay fit, healthy and functional for as long as possible, maintaining the best version of yourself for the long term.

Collagen Protein Options:

ATP Science Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein – This is one of the most anticipated proteins of the year! Try it for yourself or let us know if we can help you choose a protein that’s right for you.

Cyborg Sport Zero Protein

Author Glen George from our Blackburn store 🙂 Come say hi or ask us a question and email service@musclecoach.com.au

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