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So What’s the Deal with Green Tea Extract?


Green tea extract has quickly become an extremely popular ingredient, which has been showing up more and more in recent times. It is often found in fat loss products, and for good reason. As many people know, green tea in itself has a plethora of health benefits, including support of our immune function, cardiovascular health and increased fat loss. But in supplemental form, how beneficial is green tea extract? What exactly is it, and what results can we expect to see from taking it? These questions and more will all be answered as we dive into why green tea extract can be so useful.

To start us off, lets take a look into what green tea extract or GTE actually is. Green tea is made from camellia sinesis leaves that have been taken through a process of withering and oxidation. The potency of green tea does vary across varieties, this is based on growing conditions, and horticultural practices, time spent in harvest and time spent oxidizing.

Green tea is a great source of antioxidants called catechins. There are 4 main catechin molecules found in green tea, EGCG being the most common and potent of these. EGCG is seen to be the standardising property of green tea that yields the benefits we wish to gain from consuming it. The EGCG molecule is what has become more commonly known as our ‘Green Tea Extract’. As stated earlier, the content of EGCG per cup of green tea can vary, but as an approximate value, one cup of green tea will contain around 50mg of EGCG equivalent. Most GTE supplements deliver roughly 50% EGCG content, making it a far more potent and efficient way to consume beneficial amounts of the antioxidant. It is important to note that for EGCG to truly work in the body, all 4 catechin molecules need to be present. This is in order to provide the cofactors required to increase the bioavailability of EGCG, allowing our bodies to absorb and utilize the extract to its full potential; this is why GTE only contains around 50% EGCG as the remainder of the extract is made up of the cofactors needed to support its function.

Benefits of consuming green tea and GTE include anti-aging, protection against obesity, diabetes and carcinogens, liver protection, blood vessel health as well as protection of neuron and cardiovascular systems. All amazing health benefits which we would love to receive, but what about fat loss? This tends to be the main reason people use a GTE to begin with, so how well does it work?

Truth be told, GTE’s ability to burn fat is highly dependant on its synergy with caffeine, meaning its fat burning effects are maximized by combining it with a caffeine source, as it would be found in nature. The addition of 300mg of EGCG to 200mg of caffeine has been shown to increase the thermogenic responses in our body, in turn burning more body fat.

The mechanism by which GTE accelerates fat loss is through EGCG’s ability to inhibit the ‘COMT’ enzyme in our body, which breaks down catecholamine’s such as noradrenalin. Catecholamine’s are hormones and neurotransmitters such as dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenalin that help to break down stored body fat to be used as energy or excreted by the body. The synergistic relationship between GTE and caffeine is due to the fact that caffeine increases catecholamine production, while GTE prevents their breakdown. Inhibition of the COMT enzyme allows catecholamine’s to become more abundant in the body, liberating stored fat for an extended period of time.

So there you have it, GTE not only provides us with a huge array of health benefits but its ability to liberate and burn stored body fat through its interactions with caffeine is highly desired and shown to work. Whether you decide to sit down an enjoy a warm brew of natural green tea or prefer to utilize a supplemental form of GTE, you will receive some extremely beneficial and desired effects that will not only improve your physical appearance but your health and longevity as well.

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Author Glen George from our Blackburn store!

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