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So what’s the deal with Theacrine?


Theacrine is a compound that has been showing up a lot lately in an array of stimulant-based supplements; but what actually is Theacrine? How does it work and what is its purpose? Well, that’s what we’re going to dive into with this article, explain to you exactly what it is and how it can be beneficial when trying to perform at your best.

Lets start with the science. Theacrine is an Alkaloid compound, meaning it is a naturally occurring, organic compound with a structure made up of nitrogen-containing bases. This makes it very similar to everyone’s favorite stimulant, caffeine, both in terms of molecular structure and signaling pathways. From a structural standpoint, Theacrine has an additional Methyl group and an additional Ketone group in its chemical make up compared to caffeine. Theacrine resembles a lot of the unique stimulatory properties of caffeine including reduced fatigue during exercise, significant elevation of energy levels, improved physical performance and mental clarity; however there are a few key differences which are certainly worth getting excited over.

Despite their similarities, Theacrine yields some amazing properties that make it differ from caffeine and give it the potential to become the next big stimulant on the market. The greatest difference is that Theacrine does not down regulate the receptors in your body, meaning there is no crash or build up of tolerance over time. The lack of desensitisation to Theacrine means you can expect to experience its effects over extended periods of use without the need to increase the dose. This makes it the perfect solution and substitute to those needing to consume more and more caffeine as its effects start to diminish after extensive use.

The role of Theacrine in the body is to support increased dopamine production while inhibiting adenosine production (the biochemical process that promotes sedation and relaxation in the body); This will deliver a longer lasting energy, increased mental focus, mood, motivation and drive while also decreasing anxiousness; so, more energy with no stimulant induced jitters, who wouldn’t want that. Theacrine has also been shown to reduce oxidative stress, inflammation and muscle/joint discomfort due to its antioxidant effects.

All round Theacrine seems to be the perfect stimulant, so why don’t we see it at higher doses replacing caffeine? Well, due to its extremely bitter taste, that is almost impossible to mask, most products are limited to a 25-50mg dose per serve; which is by all means an efficacious dose in terms of getting its effects, however this doesn’t provide a strong enough stimulus to replace caffeine entirely. The solution to this can be found in Theacrine’s final beneficial property, which is that it has the ability to increase the solubility of other ingredients that you combine it with. Because of this, Theacrine works extremely well with other stimulants, making their effects more pronounced. This allows us to reduce the dosing of caffeine while maintaining the same stimulatory response.

So there you have it, Theacrine, a fantastic stimulant that not only enhances the effects of caffeine and other stimulants, but also provides long lasting energy, without a crash and without tolerance build up over time. It is the perfect ingredient to look out for when you’re searching for great new pre-workout or fat burner to help increase your energy, focus, mental clarity and overall performance.

Products with Theacrine:

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