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So what’s the deal with Tyrosine?


L-Tyrosine, we’ve all heard of it, seen it constantly pop up in our pre-workouts, fat burners and even caffeinated energy drinks, but what does it actually do? Why is this amino acid so prevalent in the products we take but often so overlooked and misunderstood?

Lets start with the basics. L-Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid which like most amino acids is often found naturally occurring in protein rich food sources. Tyrosine is formed from phenylalanine and its main role in the body is to help produce noradrenalin and dopamine, two chemicals in the body that influence our mood and stress levels.

Tyrosine is most commonly seen in caffeinated sports/energy drinks in the more water-soluble form of N-Acetyl Tyrosine. Being a stimulant itself, Tyrosine interacts in the body with other stimulants; it can also play a role with interactions involving other amino acids either enhancing or inhibiting their effects and absorption. Tyrosine’s association with caffeine has misled most people to believe it is an energy producing stimulant; I mean it is in energy drinks right… however, this is not the quite the case. Tyrosine is primarily used in the body to reduce our perception of stress and improve our cognition in the presence of that acute stress. It is often paired with caffeine in order to offset the stress that other stimulants place on the body. Tyrosine will work to increase our attention and mental focus during this period of acute stress.

The efficacious dose of Tyrosine is around 500-2000mg, which is best taken about 30 minutes before acute stress. Supplementation can increase feelings of wellbeing, increase attention and cognition, and preserve stress induced memory defects. Studies have also shown Tyrosine could play a role in reducing blood pressure. This makes it a fantastic supplement to utilise in the presence of high stress and strenuous exercise, allowing you perform at your best for a longer duration and continue smashing your goals.

Our top 3 Preworkouts with L-Tyrosine included:

Gold Standard Preworkout


Dust V2

Author Glen George from our Blackburn Store!

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