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Spazmatic Pre Workout Review


SPAZMATIC Pre-Workout Review

Spazmatic is one of the newest Pre-Workouts to hit the market, formulated by the one and only Tim Muriello, one of the most well known supplements experts in the fitness industry. Creating this formulation, he has done with it what has been requested and highly anticipated from him for such a long time. That is, an open label product with truly tried and tested ingredients used at nothing but clinical dose and above.

So let’s dive into it and see what all the fuss is about and if this highly anticipated Pre-Workout is all its hyped up to be!

Starting off, let’s look into the core of the product, the aspect that everyone truly uses their Pre-Workout for, the energy. Going by the name ‘Spazmatic’, we would like to assume that the energising effect will be just that, totally spaz. The formula uses a few core ingredients that are included to nail every aspect of mental energy stimulation including, Caffeine, Higenamine, Hordenine, Eria Jarensis along with two little bonus energy providers in B12 (as methylcobalamin) and Taurine.

The Caffeine comes in a whopping dose of 400mg, 300mg of which is Caffeine Anhydrous for fast hitting energy release, with the other 100mg being derived from buffered Green Tea, providing a steady, smooth and longer lasting energy hit to help avoid any sort of crash. The Higenamine and Hordenine work synergistically as bronchodilators to help support healthy lung function in turn increasing oxygen uptake. This will aid in endurance, respiratory recovery between sets, giving you more gas in the tank and of course the always useful anti anxiety effects. Eria Jarensis is the newly added ingredient used to replace DMAA and AMP-Citrate which were unfortunately banned. It yields a similar effect in the body as a neuromodulator of the central nervous system. It works by increasing dopamine and noradrenaline in the body to help boost mood, focus, alertness and concentration.

The nice little addition of B12 is included in as an activated form, meaning it can be easily utilized by the body. B12 will give your great sense of vitality and wellbeing, great for preventing the crash and keeping you feeling good and full of life even after a brutal training session. The Taurine also helps to support energy forming pathways while maintaining cellular hydration. While Taurine yields a wide array of benefits, the mental focus, anti crash and muscle contraction benefits will be the most noticeable from the 2g dose.

With such a powerful energy matrix, the focus component of this formula has to be highly dosed in order to keep your energy streamline and dialed in to the task at hand. With a massive dose of L-Tyrosine, we certainly get that. Tyrosine is responsible for the production of adrenaline and dopamine in the brain, which aids in energy and mood enhancement, really helping to provide great mental focus. Huperzine is also included at a nice high dose, this inhibits the break down neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for focus. This leads to longer lasting focus and mood elevation.

Finally, the pump matrix. We all love a good muscle pump in the gym, not only does it feel and look amazing, but the blood flow can have some great carry over benefits to muscle hypertrophy and nutrient delivery. Spazmatic includes a big 4.5g of L-Citrulline, arguably the best amino acid available for vasodilation, blood flow and targeted muscle pump. Couple that with L-Norvaline which is shown to inhibit the breakdown of nitric oxide, provides a long lasting, sustained muscle pump. A large dose of Niacin is also added to the formula, again for blood vessel dilation, however, this is less so responsible for the amazing pumps in this formula than the Citrulline and Norvaline together. All up, a simple but extremely effective combination of ingredients to provide really strong, long lasting muscle pumps.

Beta-alanine, Creatine, Arginine and Agmatine are four very common ingredients found in almost all Pre-workouts, and are usually hallmark ingredients that most people look for when assessing a new Pre. However, They have been left out of Spazmatic? The reasons for these ingredients being left out are extremely valid. Both Beta-alanine and Creatine don’t elicit their benefit in an acute situation. Instead they work with a build up effect over time from continued daily dosing to saturate the body. Due to this, using them as a pre workout will not directly affect the performance of that immediate workout. Arginine is left out due to the large dose of Citrulline, making it redundant in the blend, while Agmatine is also left out as Norvaline will play the role of maintaining the nitric oxide build up in the body.

So has Tim Muriello hit the mark? We can confidently say, yes! This is one hard hitting, complete Pre-Workout that really gives you everything you need to pump out those intense and amazing workouts. It provided a big energy hit with great, dialed in mental focus without any crash. To accompany that, the pumps are amazing and sustained through the duration of the session. If you’re a big stim head, and love a big hit of energy to kick of your session, overall, we think Spazmatic will not disappoint.

Author – Glen George from our Melbourne Stores!

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