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T4-3-2-1 Blast Off That Unwanted Fat!


Has anyone had enough of ATP Science yet? Because we certainly haven’t! Today we’re going to take a closer look at their newest fat burner/thermogenic; T432 PLUS. The name is in in reference to the Thyroid hormones which regulate metabolism through T4, T3, and T2! Pretty awesome stuff hey?

Like every other ATP Science product, the capsules are packaged cleanly in a white bottle, this time with yellow branding. These little fellas will help you maintain a healthy metabolism, amongst other awesome things, in typical ATP Science fashion. So, what’s in these capsules that make it work so well? Here we go!

Firstly, there’s Duzong, a Chinese Herb which stimulates the base metabolic rate and utilises food as energy for the body, strengthening the adrenal functions of our bodies. This herb also controls Adipokines. These are chemicals produced by fat cells that result in stubborn fat deposits (which we don’t like). Finally, it will helps minimise immune, inflammatory and hormonal effects of fat depositing whilst suppressing your appetite.

Secondly, we have Yerba Mate, (pronounced mar-tay not matttteeee as you might have thought) which possess similar qualities to caffeine, and can activate receptors in your stomach which tell your brain to not have an appetite! Old mate Yerba will also encourage a stronger fat oxidation process in your body and simultaneously encourage the thyroid release of T4 and T3. Pretty much a hitman for fat molecules…

Finally, we have the basics including zinc, selenium and iodine containing ingredients which are cofactors for the thyroid to be able to work properly. Having adequate levels of these minerals are critical for thyroid function and allows all of the other ingredients within this product to carry out their much wanted (fat killing) jobs.

T432 PLUS will create the best possible environment for your body to DESTROY the nasty fat that you just can’t seem to get rid of and help you lose weight overall. Pop a few of these throughout the day (2 in the morning is equivalent to a coffee), and a few more, nothing too late if you’re not a fan of late nights however!

Control your appetite. Blast that fat. Stay on top of your fitness. Go our favourite fat burning capsule T432 PLUS today.


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