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Fitness Jargon You Didn’t Know

The English language is a confusing one at the best of times, seemingly pointless rules (i before e except after c) are strictly abided to and completely ignored within the same sentence. The same group of letters will…

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7 Great Foods for Bulking

An Overview of Bulking Bulking for 99% of people isn’t just about stuffing yourself with as many calories as you can from any food that you find. Bulking is about bringing your body to a calorie surplus with…

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7 Myths About a Bulking Diet

Myth 1: Some People Don’t Need to Bulk to Build Muscle This is possibly one of the most prevalent myths of not only bulking but also bodybuilding in general. There are many reasons as to why people would…

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10 Great Tips and Foods for Hard Gainers

Introduction to Bulking Not everyone is required to bulk in order to get great gains in the gym. Some people are able to add good amounts of quality muscle mass to their body without having a large calorie…

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