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The New DMAA is here!


You’d assume that three ingredients in a pre-workout wouldn’t really produce much, and definitely not produce the necessary energy hit that’s needed before an intense workout. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but you would be wrong.

A brand Australians are familiar with, Giant Sports, are back again with another amazing pre-workout. Way back in 2012 saw the epic DMAA formula banned nationwide, and even possession of it could put you behind bars. Powerful stuff, hey? Well it’s 2016 and Giant Sports have been working furiously in their labs to create the perfect, better, and tastier successor. Giant Rush packs a massive punch in this ground-breaking new DMHA formula, which scientifically is safer and provides more benefits than DMAA.

Users of DHMA have shown:

–       Increased strength

–       Motivation

–       Energy

–       Focus

–       A sense of euphoria

–       No horrific crash after it wears off, just a clean cooldown

We’re not done yet with the benefits of our new friend DMHA yet however, as there’s more bang for your buck than just being more alert and energetic. It can help your episodic development memory. You see, episodic memory refers to past ‘events’ or ‘episodes’ that have happened in your past. DMHA can help shape the way your body and mind will respond to similar challenges in the future. As more experiences build up whilst using DHMA (whether that be in the gym, work, even gaming) your mind’s ability to react and accept the challenge will become more efficient and logical.

There are also some medical benefits to DHMA as well, such as fungal and bacteria fighters, a truly impressive stimulant, however, if medical companies latch on and patent it, it may be gone from our supplement shelves forever, so definitely grab Giant Rush while you can.

Don’t be fooled by the small container (75g) and micro-scoop, still producing 60 serves. This thermogenic will pack a punch and should not be neglected.

Giant Rush is a simple formula containing 3 ingredients (Caffeine 200mg, Kigelia 125mg and Bai Mudan 25mg) and it could easily be considered a super thermogenic but there is no doubt in my mind that gym goers everywhere will be lining up to use this to get the energy hit they need. I would imagine shift workers, party goers, students studying, gamers and bodybuilders across the nation will be squat jumping in the streets as they use Giant Rush multiple times a day.


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