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The Perfect Present for a Supplement Fan Boy


So we’re under one week out from that exciting day, a day full of giving and receiving; but do you have your checklist ticked off? With Christmas just around the corner everyone is in a mad rush to finish off those last minute shopping trips. Shops are overflowing and car parks are impossible to find with the mad rush of shoppers trying find those last minute gift ideas. But what about the ones you love who just seem impossible to buy for, nothing you conceive seems good enough and the right gift just doesn’t come to mind no matter how hard you try. All this person wants is to train hard and make some serious gains, but how do you give gains for Christmas? Wouldn’t it be good if you could literally materialise and wrap up gains? Well…. good news is, you kind of can!

So what do you buy the avid trainer, slaving away, training hard all the way up to Christmas? No need to stress on it, we have you covered on this one. What more would a supplement fan boy or girl want than to find an array of delicious gains in their stocking on Christmas morning! From protein bars to fat burners, we’re about to break down the perfect muscle building and fat loss stacks, giving you the perfect guide on what to buy those gainers that you love.

1. Number one on our list is “The Gift of Lean Muscle”. This beauty of supplement stack will ensure you’re hitting your workouts at full force! The stack includes a pre-workout for that energy hit; Creatine Monohydrate for muscle power and force production as well as a shiny new Muscle Coach shaker bottle to mix all that goodness into! (Only available in store)

2. Coming in second on our list is “The Gift for Toning”. This stack will have you leaning up and looking cut as a diamond in no time! In this stack you get yourself any fat burner of your choice! This will help shred those kilos, give you energy and keep that mental focus strong when in a calorie deficit. You’ll also get yourself an Acetyl L-Carnitine to help shuttle that stored body fat into the cells to burn for energy; and of course, a fresh new Muscle Coach shaker of any colour to mix up this delicious fat burning goodness. (Only available in store)

3. In third on the list is “The Gift of Energized Gains”. This stack will not only give you the energy hit but will back this up with some inta-workout BCAA’s ensuring you retain all that hard earned muscle during your workouts. The stack includes a pre-workout of your choice, again to help stimulate and energize you for your sessions; BCAA’s to help promote protein synthesis and prevent muscle breakdown during cardio and weight training; keeping your body in a muscle-building mode all day long. Finally, you’ll get that beautiful Muscle Coach shaker, thrown in there to mix it all up in.

4. Our forth and final stack on the list of gains is “The Summer Body Gift”. This ones a goodie for anyone looking to trim up, look fresh and feel great leading into the warmer summer months. The stack includes not only a fat burner of your choice, helping to burn of that unwanted winter weight, but also a box of X50 Green Tea in any flavour, keeping you feeling fresh, hydrated and energized all day long in the summer heat. And of course to finish it off, we can’t forget our fresh Muscle Coach shaker bottle!

5. So the stacks are done but the products keep flowing! Coming in fifth place is an all round great thing to buy your supplement fan boy, some great quality protein powder! You really can’t go wrong, protein powder is literally gains in powder form and it’s an ideal gift for anyone looking to improve their body composition. A Whey Protein Isolate is best for someone who takes his or her protein first thing in the morning, pre-workout and post-workout, as it is extremely lean and pure. With 0g carbohydrates and 0g fats, Whey Protein Isolates have a fast absorption rate, ideal for recovery and lean muscle growth. If however you’re looking for more a ‘treat’ protein, something delicious for throughout the day that may give you a bit more satiety and fullness as a meal, then a Protein Blend is an excellent option. With slightly higher carbohydrates and fat content, Protein blends give a much thicker constancy and a slower digestion rate, meaning their release into the body is more staggered, making it a perfect meal addition and an excellent option to mix into smoothies and other great protein recipes.

6. The final item or should I say items, on our list is the delicious protein goodies and treats that make for the perfect stocking fillers! With a massive range of protein bars, cookies, chips and drinks that are ready to go and convenient for anyone on the go, these goodies are hard to pass up when it comes to adding those finishing touches to your loved ones gifts.

So there you have it, some easy, cost effective, delicious gift ideas that are ideal for any supplement fan boy, or girl out there. If you still feel stuck or confused on which stack to go for, come in store and ask one of our friendly supplement consultants what deal is best for your loved ones, we’re always here to help! There is also a great range of other products that may be exciting for your supplement fan to find under the Christmas tree, plus some other great deals and giveaways to be discovered in store! So Merry Christmas to you all, stay safe, enjoy this special time with your friends and family and don’t forget to keep working hard chasing those gains!

Author Glen George Blackburn Store.

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