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Tips to Avoid the Weight Gain this Christmas!


We have all worked hard to be in our best shape leading into summer but just when you were feeling good about your progress, the festivities of Christmas come along to take away your hard earned gains. Telling Mum you can’t eat her fruit cake this year is just not an option but all is not lost there are a few simple tips that you can use to minimise the damages.

1)      Don’t Drink Your Calories

While you might not be able to avoid the calories of a few alcoholic beverages you can certainly cut the calories from every other drink without much of a fuss. Don’t drink sugary soft drink, sweet ice tea or fruit juices. These spike your insulin levels like nothing else. Add a big insulin spike to your to your main meal at Christmas and you will get some crazy gains, fat gains that is. Stick to zero calorie soft drinks and water.

2)      Learn The Benefits of Fasting

Eaten a massive meal with excess calories? Don’t worry, excess calories will take 30-40 hours to store as fat which means you can avoid the calories converting to fat by reducing portions or skipping entire meals over the next day or so.

If you have a big Christmas dinner planned then don’t eat lunch on that day. But if I don’t eat lunch won’t my body go into starvation mode and then store extra calories from the dinner meal? Absolute nonsense. Your body won’t slow down your metabolism until about 72 hours of no food. Skipping a meal will simply help you to reduce your calorie intake on that day.

3)      Drink Low Calorie Alcohol

Your choice of alcoholic beverages can make a massive difference to your calorie intake. Here is a list from the best to the worst. Remember all alcohol quantities given as 1 standard drink.

  • Vodka (30mls) and soda – 55 calories
  • Rum/Bourbon/Whisky (30mls) and zero calorie soft drink – 65 calories
  • Dry White Wine 11.5% (110mls) – 80 calories
  • Low Calorie Heavy Beer 4% (300mls) – 90 calories
  • Sweet White Wine or Normal Red Wine 11.5% (110mls) – 110 calories
  • Heavy Beer 4% (300mls) – 120 calories
  • Cocktails – 250-500 calories

Make the right choice and you will get a lot of extra mileage from your alcohol calories.

4)      Fill Up On Meats and Vegetables

A calories is a calorie, true but that’s where it ends. Calories from meat or protein in general require much more energy to metabolise than most carbohydrates. Because of the differing metabolism processes for protein and carbohydrates a maximum of only 50% of your protein calories could ever be stored as fat as compared to the same calories from carbohydrates. That’s why it’s basically impossible to gain fat eating only lean meats and fibrous vegetables. Load your plate up with meats and vegetables but go easy on the starchy carbohydrates and you’re in the clear.

Thanks for reading and a big Merry Christmas from the entire Muscle Coach Supplements team! We hope you have a lovely time with family and friends! Stay safe!

Author Danny Tesch Muscle Coach Supplements Owner.

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